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Genre: Adventure, Arcade, Casual, Fun :: Players: 1 :: Released: 19/5/09

Peggle (iPhone) Review

Publisher: PopCap Games, Inc. ::


Game Features


Save and replay your favourite shots
Great graphics
Improved controls


Still the same levels from the mobile version

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Review Details
Handset Apple iPhone 3G
Time Played 4 hours
Game Progress Completed adventure and most of the challenges (so far)

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 19/5/09

Prepare to have hours of life drift away

For all the fun of Bejeweled, Peggle is PopCap's real gem in their games portfolio. The game is a cross between pinball and Pachinko; basically, launch a ball at the top of the screen and hit as many pegs as you can before the ball lands in the gutter. More precisely, hit as many orange pegs as you can, try to also hit the purple one for bonus points and track the trajectory so you can catch the ball in the moving bucket (hitting a green peg on the way is also handy).

There are two ways to play Peggle, hit and hope or try and be a little clever and plot a course. Obviously you can't predict how the ball is going to bounce around 10-15 pegs and the game is pretty random. It is this unpredictability and freedom in the gameplay that makes Peggle so addictive and such a success. The 100 or so levels also help.

There are 4 modes to the game and it's best to start of with the adventure through the Peggle University. Adventure is really an extended tutorial and introduces you to all the features of the game. The aim is to hit all the orange pegs to complete a level. To help you, your tutors provide a couple of green pegs. Hitting these will give a power up. These can be anything from a small explosion to multiball action. Each tutor has a different power up and it's good to pay attention as these will become important in the Challenge mode.

There are 40 levels in Challenge mode and although they use the same layouts to Adventure mode, you have strict requirements for each level. Whether it is having limited balls or a large score to reach, there are very few easy challenges and if you are a completist gamer, you will be here for hours.

There's also quick play mode where you pick a single level with the aim to hit every single peg and gain a star. Duel mode is a 2 player version of Peggle that you will also encounter in the Challenge mode. Here you take turns on the same board and the one with the highest score at the end wins. It can get a little tactical as you fight for power ups and multipliers.

If you're a fan of Peggle on the mobile or the PC, you should already know all the above and what you are really interested in is how it looks and how does it play. Well it short, Peggle looks and plays excellently. The touch controls work very well. To choose your angle, you can touch the peg you want to hit and fine tune your shot with the wheel along the side. You can even double tap the screen to zoom in for a super close up fine tune. The game has a left hander option where the wheel is on the other side and there's also a colour blind option (still in full colour but with symbols on the orange, green and purple pegs).

Compared to the mobile version, this iPhone version of Peggle is miles ahead and comes a lot closer to the PC version. Sound is also vastly improved especially when you finish a level - more music is promised in a new update as well.