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Genre: Fun :: Players: 1 :: Released: 04/10/04

Yetisports 1 - Pingu Throw Review


Game Features


Simple to pick up and play
Very very very addictive
Great and fun graphics


No sound
Can't upload high scores to the network
Game doesn't record the furthest hit

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Review Details
Handset Sharp GX20

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 16/12/04

Classic game that is brilliantly addictive and quick to play. Fun to try and beat your high score or just to whack the penguin as high as you can! Recommended!

I have unfortunately played this game before. I say unfortunately because when someone sent me the initial internet link, that was it, we didn't do any work for about 2 days. The game is that addictive and we were trying to top each others high score and figure out the best trajectories.

Basically you are a yeti who has to hit a penguin as far as you can with a club. It's basically baseball meets the olympic javelin.

The graphics are pretty simple, the yeti looks good, the backgrounds while stark are quite nice. The penguin looks cool, as do the distance boards. But, the best thing by far is the animation of the penguin when you hit him. He flies through the air, skims off the snow and can end beak down as well. Hilarious.

There is no sound, but apart from a few effects or a tune, there wouldn't be much point. The gameplay doesn't depend on the sound at all so it's fine. Although, some comedy penguin noises would have made it funnier.

The controls are very very very simple. Press a button to make your penguin dive and then press another button to take your swing. Time your swing so that you hit the penguin. Simple.

The playability is fantastic. It may sound simple, but that's because it is. The ease of play, the humourous graphics and the pleasure of hitting either a really good shot or really bad shot is what makes this game. Simple for a quick 5 minutes or play for a while to beat your high scores. It's easy to just pick up and play. You get 5 goes to hit the penguin and your distance accumulates. At the end of three sessions of this, you will be told you high score which you can save. One slight drawback is that the game doesn't record the furthest distance you've ever hit it, just you score, so if you get one perfect shot and four poor ones, tough luck. Your current score is listed on the board on screen before you hit the penguin.

The lastability is great as the game is so much fun to play. The high score option is good, but it's just very enjoyable whacking the cr*p out of Pingu. You can try for your furthest distance (325.4 people!!!) or you can just hit him early and watch him sail into the sky.

A great game which should be on everyone's phone.

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