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Genre: Action :: Players: 1 ::

Jamaican Discsta Review


Game Features


Simple controls and innovative gameplay
Easy to suspend / pause
Surprisingly addictive


No sound
There is some element of chance (it's hard!)
Graphics could have been better.

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Review Details
Handset Sharp GX20

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 19/10/04

This is a strangely simple and addictive game for your phone. It's not particularly complicated or graphically impressive, but there's a certain something about the gameplay that makes this game definitely worth a look.

Jamaican Discsta is an unusual game. But in a good way. It's pretty simple but somehow manages to be fun to play.

Graphically there's not much to the game. The various locations are not that well drawn, but the poorness of backgrounds adds a certain uniqueness to the game.

There is no sound. For a game about looking cool and buying and selling records, I would have thought one tune would be good. However, this doesn't stop this from being a great game!

The controls are really simple, you use the softkeys to access the menu and then you select the option you want. As the game is about going round listening to rumours and buying records, there is not much to the controls.

The playability is actually very good. The concept is simple - you have 30 days to become cool. Each day represents a visit to one location and there are 6 locations. Therefore you have 30 'moves' with which to visit these locations. The locations are the record shack, trenchtown, the beach, the market, the dancehall and uptown. On some of these locations you can listen to rumours and on others you can buy and sell records. Basically you start off with a certain amount of money. You have to go to different locations and listen to rumours which will tell you which artists are going to be hot. Then you buy as many of these records as you can and sell them on at a higer price when they become hot so that you make money. With the money you have made you can buy more clothes to make you cooler. The game also has a pause feature and will quite happily suspend for you to make calls.

Your cool is represented by a bar at the top of the screen and the cooler you are the more you can do things (like buy white labels and get into the DJ booth). However there are plenty of random events at the various locations which affect your cool. Eg, you can go to the beach and a girl may diss you for not looking smart enough and hence you lose cool. But if you make lots of money and buy decent clothes, your cool goes up. And other things like stealing records, buying a shop, getting photographed can occur.

The lastability is also pretty decent. I have not managed to get that far into the game as in 30 moves, you really have to either get lucky or have a decent plan to buy stuff. But there is plenty of things I didn't achieve like the white label and dj'ing as well as having a party organised by 'peoh diddy' so these are things I'm going to try and do in the game. So far my highest cool rating has been 9% but I now have a plan!! The game will also warn you when you have three days left so you should try and sell all your records and get as much cash / clothes as possible.

Overall, this game is actually surprisingly good, even though there's a certain element of chance involved. Plus it doesn't take too much thinking and as there's no 'action' as such, is easy to play whenever and wherever.