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Genre: Football, Sports :: Players: 1 ::

FIFA Football 2005 M.I.E. Review

Developer: Digital Bridges


Game Features


Fantastic graphics!
Four modes, 16 countries


No real sound
Controls can be quite tricky
Sometimes difficult to get the player you want

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Review Details
Handset Sharp GX20

Anannya Sen ’s Review

Review Date: 06/11/04

A superb footie game for your phone. You can't go wrong with this one. Highly recommended

FIFA 2005 is a stunning game for your phone. Really fun to play and really well put together.

I am a Pro Evo fan. In fact I played it way back when it was called ISS on the SNES and have owned every version of Pro Evo. I have never owned a FIFA game before and it was my life's mission to convert everyone to playing Pro Evo and show them the error of their ways in choosing Fifa over ISS. I hated all Fifa games until now. This game is fantastic!!

The graphics are incredible. The players actually look like people (ok, all the same size and colour people) as opposed to a few random pixels moving around. The pitch and goals are nice, the ball looks good and the shot and movement animations are great! For some fun, look at the movement animation when you are running up-left! Comedy! Overall some first class graphics.

The sound comes up a bit short. There is a few sound effects like the whistle or when you score, but no regular crowd, no regular music, nothing even on the main menu's.

The controls are a bit tricky. The directional or key pad will move your player around the pitch. The right shoulder button or the * key will shoot, and you have to hold it down to increase the power of the shot as demonstrated by the power gauge. Shots with lots of power will go fast and low, while minimal power shoots into the air. The 5 or # key will pass in possession. Also this key is used to header, put in a cross (when near the byline - you will see blue dots by your player) and play through balls. When not in possession, the * key will slide, and if you run near the player with the ball then you will automatically tackle. In all occasions in possession, the length of time the button is held determines the strength of the pass / through ball etc. Also when not in possession, 5 and # cycle through the players you control. Dribbling then shooting quickly can be a bit tricky, but the more I play the more I get the hang of it.

The playability is really really good. There are 4 modes (friendly, tournament, training and shoot out) which are all equally good. The training is not redundant as you record your time in each training exercise so you can try to improve your times on this mode. There are 16 teams to choose from with accurate and up to date squads from Euro 2004 (which means no Rio Ferdinand or Jermain Defoe! Aargh!) who all have 6 statistics. The team sheet also shows each players best position and the position they are being played with. Substitutions are as in any footie game. You can also choose from a number of different formations and strategies as well as view statistics on the game. PLUS the game has replays of goals! How cool is that? With the modes, the difficulty levels (3) and the quality of the game, this makes it a fun experience. I was pretty rubbish at first, I have to say. I couldn't score to save my life and defended like Middlesborough did against Arsenal when they lost 5-3 after going 3-0 up. But I persisted and persisted and have now got better. I've won the championship on easy and normal, now just hard to go. One drawback is that it can be quite tricky to get control of the player you want, the AI is not smart enough to give you the player closest the ball usually as the game moves at a reasonable pace on a short pitch. Also, the AI you play against can sometimes be moronically stupid in front of goal (by passing away from goal) or devastating (by dribbling around lots of players) in the same game. Player names are on the bottom left of the screen and this does help. Scoring is getting easier as long as you put some fairly decent strength on the shot bar (quite difficult while trying to be tackled). The dribbling could be a bit more weak, basically once I get the ball, it's really hard for me to get tackled so I usually have a guaranteed shot on the goal if I pass to the right forwards. Also it can sometimes get a bit crowded in the box and you frantically try and make 6 tackles at once. But let's get one thing straight. These are minor quibbles in what is actually an amazing game. I still have no idea how to take the penalties though, but there is a really great tutorial and the game autosaves when suspended!

The lastability is brilliant. There are the 4 modes, 16 countries and the game is actually quite hard to begin with. Practice makes perfect and you will need to spend some time practicing on this game. But when you end up spending a lot of time playing the game and you improve, the rewards are well worth the efforts.

What a great game.

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