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Genre: Racing/Driving, Sports :: Players: 1 ::

Colin McRae Rally 2005 Review

Publisher: Digital Bridges :: Developer: Iomo


Game Features


Stunning graphics
A wealth of options and modes and courses to unlock
You can race against a ghost and upload your best times onto an online scoreboard!


Music and sound could be improved
Game autosaves so you can't replay a stage

Save Option
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Review Details
Handset Sharp GX20

Anannya Sen ’s Review

Review Date: 06/11/04

What a quality game. I'm having trouble writing this review as I can't stop playing it! Top class!

Colin McRae 2005 is a near perfect game for your phone. There are only a few very slight improvements I would make, but these are minor quibbles.

The game is a mobile version of the console classic and features some great driving and great courses. I never really played the console version that much as I was more of a footie and fighting fan. But this is great fun.

The graphics are fantastic. The car, the tracks, the backgrounds, everything feels like you're playing on a 16 bit console. Stunning. The in-car view is even better and you really get a feel for driving on the road. The scooby (car enthusiasts will know what I mean) also looks fantastic.

The sound is minimalistic. A nice tune once you load and some screeching and sounds when you brake, skid, and crash, but no huge effort made on the sound. Most of that went into the graphics.

The controls are pretty straightforward. You can choose either manual or automatic. On automatic, the car automatically accelerates and changes gears, you just need to turn left or right or brake. You can use the directional pad or key pad for this. There is also a handbrake turn for those really tight corners. I am slowly getting the hang of this, but it can be a bit tricky. The in-car view is also more difficult than it looks. I used to be a driving games specialist (GT3 all done), and usually always pick the in-car mode, but it's hard! It takes a lot of practice.

The playability of the game really shines. With the simplistic controls, the game is just a LOT of fun to play. There are tons of options, you can race in a championship, have a quick race, race a particular stage, have a 2 player race and even race against your best time ghost!!!!!!! When you play through the championship, if you qualify in the top 3 you unlock that course to become available for the other options. Each course has 3 stages and with 4 courses, that gives you 12 tracks. There is a damage element to your car too and you have to 'spend' time at the end of each stage to repair your car. This adds a slight strategy element to the game which is great! You can select your view, the stage and type of weather when you practice. The game also autopauses after each stage. My only gripe with this game is that it is hard! It's not easy to do well consistenly over 3 stages, you have to get to know the stages inside out, but this adds to the lastability. The game autosaves after each stage and while this is great, unfortunately you can't quit in the middle of the stage and then try that stage again. You start at the next stage, having gained a poor time if you try and quit. So while saving is great, when you load, the ability to replay a stage would have been nice. But I suppose that's what the practice is for. It just means you have to be very good.

The lastability is one of the best I've seen. There is a wealth of options listed above which really add to the longevity. The difficulty of the game means that you will have to keep coming back for more and more rather than just quit, as the game is so much fun to play. Also, there are two views to master, courses to unlock and even better than that is the fact that you can race your own ghost and therefore try and beat your own times. PLUS you can upload your times onto the web to see who has the best times! Truly quality!

A must have for all phone users!

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