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Genre: Action :: Players: 1 ::

Robocop Review

Developer: Digital Bridges


Game Features


Great graphics!
Great items!
Great gameplay!


More of the theme tune would be better!
Level 2 is pretty hard!

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Review Details
Handset Sharp GX20

Anannya Sen ’s Review

Review Date: 09/11/04

Robocop is a great looking great sounding and great playing game for your phone! Top notch!

Serve the public, protect the innocent, uphold the law. I remember the film, I remember the game and now I have it on my phone. This was one of the big low budget 80s hits which was accompanied a few years later by a top quality computer game for your ST or Amiga. It was really fun to play and had a certain something that elevated it above other games. So too with the mobile phone version. It??s really well put together.

The game is a simple platform game, you have to go around shooting the bad guys and rescuing the innocent hostages. There are health icons and a variety of different weapons.

The graphics are beautiful and identical to the original game. The nostalgia while playing was great. Even if you haven??t played the original, the graphics are well put together and have a nice cartoony look about them. The animations are nicely done and slightly amusing (especially when people give themselves up) and the movement of Robocop is spot on (how many people used to try and move like him in school? You know what I mean, by moving your waist 90 degrees before the upper half of your body! So it was just me then).

The sound is exactly like the game as well and the Robocop theme music has been nicely recreated. There are plenty of other sound effects in the game such as when you collect items, shoot your gun and rescue hostages. My only comment is that I would have like to have heard more of the Robocop tune, especially while playing.

The controls are fairly straightforward. You can move around using the direction or key pad. The jump is up and there are four shooting directions ?? straight and up, up right and up left. This is so you can hit all the bad guys in the windows and ledges above you. The controls are not ideal, but probably the best you could get for a phone.

The playability is great. There are lots of levels, and although level 2 is very very hard, it is ok to master once you have played it a few times. The game is pretty simple, you have to rescue the hostages on levels 1-3. Level 4 is a case of taking out all the trash that??s on the city streets and I haven??t got to level 5 yet. The game is really fun to play and very very faithful to the original. There are 4 continues and lots of different weapons to get. The different weapons also have different uses, the shotgun takes people out with minimal bullets wasted, the machine gun takes out people far away and the laser gun deals with bad guys with a minimum of fuss.

The lastability is pretty good too. While I haven??t finished the game yet, I??m sure if I had I would play it again as it is so much fun to play. I??m not sure if there are any ED 209??s at the end, but it would be nice if there were. The various weapons are really good to use and the number of continues and high score means that you can try and beat your best times. A great game for your phones.