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Genre: Action :: Players: 1 ::

Conflict: Vietnam Review

Publisher: Kayak Interactive, Synergenix Interactive :: Developer: 8Bit games


Game Features


Great graphics!
Really fun to play!
Lots of different missions!


No real sound!
Level 5 is pretty hard!
Instructions are overly detailed

Save Option
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Review Details
Handset Sharp GX20

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 16/11/04

Conflict Vietnam is a great looking, really fun game to play on your phone. Quick to get into and enjoyable missions. Recommended.

I was never in ??Nam, but from the sounds of things it wasn??t too pleasant. I have seen Apocalypse now and if that??s anything to go by, then I??m glad I was born in 1976. Anyway, Conflict Vietnam is a fun game for your phones, based on the war. You play a soldier in ??Nam who has various missions to perform. It??s not just the usual kill and hide things, you have to defend your base, make your way through enemy tunnels, rescue gunned down troops and proceed up rivers by boat.

The game is an upward scrolling shooting game, but you have two soldiers to control and there are plenty of items and weapons for you to use.

The graphics are really nicely done, with cute, metal slug like soldiers and an overhead view. The animation and the bullets are top class with your soldiers even shuffling out of the way when you want to get past. The backgrounds are nice and colourful and the health bar sprites are well detailed. The inventory pack is also easy to understand.

The sound is a big letdown. Maybe it was my phone, but even with the sound option on, I only got a bell like sound whenever I was selecting anything. Nothing else, no bullets, no explosions, no sound of the water when you??re in the boat! Nothing!

The controls are pretty easy to pick up. The directional or key pad moves your character and the 5 or centre button shoots. The 5 button is best used for selecting things or navigating through menus. The 0 button changes between soldiers and the * button cycles through your inventory. The # button will change the orders for solider number 2, either wait or follow. There is a really detailed instruction guide in the game, but it??s quite long and you can??t skip to certain parts. The 5 button cancels or cycles to the next screen. In any event, the first mission is a training mission to get you used to the controls which is a very nice touch.

The playability is a lot of fun. With the cutesy graphics and weapon and item options, you really enjoy the missions. The first one is a training mission which gets you used to the controls and items you will have to use. Then the shooting and grenading begins! One mission is you on a boat using the boat gun to traverse a river. Very cool, but quite hard. The game autosaves and suspends so that you can pick up where you left off. The pause option allows you to view the instructions or objectives for each mission which is nice. Also, the mission briefings are done in the style of the hard nosed war veteran, so this adds a little atmosphere to the game.

The lastability is good. There are a number of missions to complete and all of them different. There are plenty of different weapons available and the difficulty is quite hard. For instance, the boat level takes a while to complete, you have to know where the enemies are going to come from and then pre-empt them by shooting there. This takes a few goes, so the lastability is decent.