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Genre: Fun :: Players: 1 :: Released: 22/11/04

Hugo Cannon Cruise Review


Game Features


Good graphics and sound
Fun to play & save option
Plenty of items


No suspend / resume
Only 3 types of mission

Save Option
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Review Details
Handset Sharp GX20

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 01/12/04

Hugo Cannon Cruise is an amusing sea battle with reasonable graphics, ok music and sound and challenging gameplay. Fun to play.

I must admit, that after playing one of the previous Hugo games which was really for 3 year olds, I wasn't looking forward to trying this out, but I was pleasantly surprised. This is a fun sea battle game for your phone.

The graphics are not bad, you get a top down approach and even though the sprites are small, they are nice to look at. The ships and cannons are well drawn. The cannonballs, mines and power ups are again small, but easy to identify. The background is ok with some waves on the open water and the current is a nice touch.

The sound is reasonable, there is a nice seafaring Hugo tune to start with and there are some nice sound effects and music when you clock a level. There is also the option of vibration. A better attempt than most phone games.

The controls are easy to get the hang of. You use the directional or key pad (left and right) to rotate your ship and use the 5 button to apply speed. To fire your cannon use the up button. Some nice features are the current which drags your ship along when you're not thrusting, as well as recoil when you fire your cannon (not sure how many old ships would have survived if they recoiled when using a cannon!). The movement is easy to pick up with a little practice and you should be zooming along in no time.

This is a very playable game. There are only three types of missions, you have to raise certain flags (sorry I wasn't following the plot!), or destroy minefields or just kill all enemy ships. There are potions you have to get to raise the flags, as well as extra cannonballs, life and shot capabilities. When you are trying to raise flags, there will often be enemy ships shooting them down. You can also find a map to each level which is really useful. With the controls and the recoil when shooting, it's fun to engage an enemy ship and then fire away, changing your angle slightly when recoiling as he comes after you. There are not just enemy ships to contend with as there are outposts and cannons on the shore.

The lastability is not bad, there are three difficulty levels and you can save in game!! Unfortunately the game doesn't autosuspend and therefore even if you have saved in game, unless you exit properly, you'll have to start over again. There are three types of mission (described above) and the number of flags, mines or enemies that you have to deal with increases as the game progresses.

Overall a decent ship battle game for your phone that is fun to play.