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Genre: Action, Shoot em up :: Players: 1 :: Released: 10/1/05

Super Sheriff 2 Review


Game Features


Varied gameplay
Weapon upgrades


Small screen size

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Review Details
Handset Motorola V525

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 01/2/05

An average first person shoot 'em up but with a very small screen size for the Motorola.

I really wanted to enjoy this game but it wasn't going to happen on the Motorola. The game loads up with a decent full screen drawing of the sheriff and high expectations start to flow through your body. The menu screen then loads and unfortunately it only takes up about half the screen area. A little bit more time spent on porting the game to the various handsets would have been much appreciated. Super Sheriff 2 looks like it was designed specifically with a Nokia in mind. Hopefully we should be able to get a Nokia review of this game in the near future.

The game itself looks good through squinted eyes. Graphically, the characters and the backgrounds are very well drawn and the sound is cool.

The game starts with a little dialogue and you have to choose your character. The Sheriff has a powerful weapon but the cursor speed is quite slow. Or you can play as Sarah MacQuire who's cursor speed is much faster. Unfortunately her gun is not as powerful and she needs to hit each cowboy twice before they drop. Personally, I stuck with the sheriff.

The game is split into three distinct features. Firstly you have to hunt down informants in the town to tell the whereabouts of Big John. This part of the game is basically a horizontal scrolling first person shoot 'em up as shown in the screenshots. You can move your gun sight in the usual 4 directions as well as diagonally. Press 5 to shoot. You do need to be pretty accurate for some of the vililans to get them. Depending on your weapon, the reload speed can be quite slow so an accurate first shot is essential. Each cowboy you shoot earns you money, which you can use to buy better guns for the next level.

Apart from cowboys to shoot there are also vultures and dogs. If you shoot a dog you lose 5 bucks but shoot a vulture and sometimes a power up is left which you have to shoot to collect. This can be quite frustrating, there are times when there are 2 or 3 villians on screen and a vulture flies past. If you want to shoot the vulture and the power up you will take quite a few hits. Decisions, decisions. The power ups are either extra ammo, health or dynamite sticks. In the above scenario, your best bet is to launch a stick with 0 - this blows everybody up including the vulture and you can then shoot the power up at your own pace. The power ups are important, before you know it you will be without ammo and the mercy of the cowboys.

The cowboys are usually positioned in the same places. You get some that appear right in your face, others are quite far back and then some mid-range as well. The villians always appear from the side of the screen and travel across to the other side, shooting as the go. One good tactic is to keep your cursor halfway up the screen near one side. There's a good chance of you picking a few off quickly. Be careful because there's always one sneaky sod that hides behind a civilian.

Once you've been round the town a bit, the informant will appear on the screen. Try and pick them off quickly. Once hit, they will challenge you to a duel - the second element to the game. The duel is quite easy and just requires you to aim your gun. The controls are a bit like a standard bowling/golf game. There is a vertical bar with a moving target and also a horizontal bar with another moving target. All you have to do is stop the target in the centre of the bars using the 5 button. Do this three times and the villian submits and he tells you the next part of the story and the level has ended.

You can now exchange your hard earned bounty for a better gun. There's plenty on offer and there are full descriptions for each in the gun shop. Once you've got your gun, its time to go to the next town on your horse. Enter the third element. You have to now ride between towns avoiding obstacles. All you have to do is press 2 to jump over potholes or 8 to duck under the trees. The animation of the horse is very good for a mobile game. You start with ten lives and it is quite straight forward to get to the end in one piece. Once at the new town the cycle continues.

In total there a 4 towns to visit so the game will take a while to complete. There is a save option so you don't have to start each time from the first town. However, as far as I am aware, if you exit the application all together your progress is lost.

Overall it is a good game just not for Motorola V525.