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Genre: Action :: Players: 1 :: Released: 17/1/05

Siege Review


Game Features


Nice Japanese style graphics
Lots of special arrows and troops to use
Plenty of different enemies


Far too many levels
Game becomes monotonous
Plot is unengaging

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Review Details
Handset Sharp GX20

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 25/1/05

Siege is a simple, interesting and enjoyable game for your phone. It's very long so may stay with you but it gets a bit repetitive and monontonous after a while. A decent attempt.

Siege is a shoot em up. Don't be fooled by the graphics, the plot or the controls, the game is basically a shoot em up from the point of view of defending a castle with archers.

Graphically the designers have done a good job. The sprites are small but detailed and have a Japanese Manga look about them. There are quite a few different creatures to kill. The background is nice but a bit boring as it never changes. One really cool feature is the passage of time (to mark the levels) and the background changes nicely from day to night with the sun arcing overhead. The animation is well done and the special attacks look good. Nice main loading screen as well. Overall, not bad.

The sound is just a standard tune which plays between levels and on the menu screens. I assume that the tune is supposed to represent a siege or at least a battle but I never got that impression. Ok but nothing to write home about. There are no sound effects at all, which is a shame, as I would have liked some on the exploding arrows front and other special attacks.

The controls are really simple and even though there is a tutorial it doesn't really go into much detail on the controls. An arrow moves left and right at the bottom of the screen and this indicates where the arrows you fire will hit. The main button or 5 will fire an arrow. The hit indicator arrow can be moved manually by pressing left or right and so you can aim for your enemies. One easy way of killing people is to concentrate a volley in a specific area which would involve you rapidly pressing left and right to keep your hit indicator arrow there and also rapidly hitting the main button to fire as many arrows as you can. When you have special arrows, you can use these in a round by pressing 8. When you have troops to use, these can be deployed by pressing 2.

The playability is not bad. There are plenty of options at the end of each level. You get money for killing your enemies and at the end of each level you can spend it to repair your castle, increase your castle's maximum health (up to a maximum of 2000), buy some special arrows from the armoury (there are some cool effects) and buy some special troops from the barracks (again some cool effects). One point with buying the troops or arrows, you can't buy more than one at a time and you can't buy another one until you have used that one. So if you buy a special arrow and don't use it in a level, you can't buy another special arrow until you have used that one. There are also lots of different enemies to attack from normal zombies, evil knights, wizards, archers and the main villain who looks like a bigger meaner version of Scrappy Doo. My problem with the playability is it requires a lot of button bashing and not a lot of skill as it's easy to finish the levels (especially when you buy an extra archer from the barracks and you get up to being able to fire three arrows at a time).

There is an ongoing plot in the war that you're fighting and at the start of each round, you get a little snippet of story, but it's not that engaging and looks like it will never end.

The lastability is ok, as apparently there are over 100 levels. I got to level 50 and decided to stop as I had amassed tons of money, had my castle at max strength and could usually complete the round without taking any damage. This was, however, on rookie level and even though you can't select levels, when you start the game again you can start at veteran level. I am assuming there is an expert level as well, but the game is far too monotonous for that.

Nice idea, but fewer levels and more variety would have been good.