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Genre: Quiz/Puzzle/Strategy :: Players: 1 ::

Townsmen 2 Review

Developer: HandyGames


Game Features


Two modes - normal play and missions
New buildings and features
Addictive gameplay


Raids take a while
Upgrading to level 3 takes a while

Save Option
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Review Details
Handset Sharp GX20

Anannya Sen ’s Review

Review Date: 06/2/05

The townies are back and they?????re better than ever. This is a superb and addictive update of the classic original with more options and more fun than I could have expected. Quality game!

I spent a large part of a month playing Townsmen 1 so when I heard about Townsmen 2, I couldn?????t wait to play it. The game is based on the classic mould of God games, you have to build, control and maintain a town, accumulating gold and dealing with natural disasters.

The graphics are slightly improved on the original. There is a lot more fine detail in the buildings and the land. The townies themselves are the same very small pixels, but you can make out that they?????re people and the icons above their heads as to what they are carrying are easy to identify. The playing area is not set now and you can move up and down the land as necessary. The effects are quite cool, and when you upgrade, there is a lot of animation. My only gripe with the graphics is that when you upgrade, this time around there is no visible difference to the buildings once the work has been carried out. This was present in the first version so I don?????t know why they took this feature out.

The sound is cool. There is a little townsmen tune which is played which is very pleasant to hear and surprisingly really apt for the game. This doesn?????t play all the time as that would possibly be a bit too repetitive, but once there are events occurring and things going on, the tune plays. There are also a few smaller tones when things happen like supplies being full, buildings being upgraded or natural events occurring. In addition to the sound, there are effects to be heard as well as (on my GX20 anyway) illumination on the phone light in time with the music. While I thought this was a nice touch, people on the train thought I was a bit crazy.

The controls are really straightforward and easy to pick up. They look complicated as there are so many options, but you only really need two buttons. The keypad or directional pad will move your cursor around the land. When it?????s on a building or piece of land you want to do something with, press the main button or 5 to bring up the menu for that area. Buildings have a set menu with the big green tick allowing you to finish what you are doing and go back to the main screen. The exclamation mark is the upkeep and the question mark tells you more about the building. At the marketplace your goods are shown for you to buy or sell. And at your castle, you can see a barrel detailing your current storage of goods. You can also save and load games while on the castle menu. Also, the gold and red stars detail what you need to upgrade or downgrade your building. On squares which are just land, the menu will show you how much resource is there and if the land can be terraformed, what you can build there. The shoulder buttons will let you exit the game and you can save it when you do as well. There are detailed instructions to help you out.

The playability is the real star of this game. The game is simple to play and addictive. It?????s much the same as Townsmen 1 but the developers have added a few things. Firstly is the introduction of two different modes, one where you just play the game to accumulate a high score, and the other are missions where you have to achieve certain objectives within set time limits. These get harder and also teach you about the different aspects of the game so are very useful and enjoyable. They usually have a set time limit and once you have completed a mission, it stays unlocked and playable on the menu. The game is great to play if you like these God games (which you should all know by now that I do) and the developers have added a few new features to the game. The first is the introduction of a barracks where you can have troops who go out and perform raids for you. You can lead the raid and specify where to attack (but be careful you don?????t lose your troops taking on a castle or something) or you can just let them get on with it and concern yourself with running your town. The second new thing is the introduction of a church which provides blessing to the people and can help the productivity of your town. You can give donations to the church as well. The third and, in my opinion, best feature, is the ability to terraform the land. In the first game, you had to stick with the land and space you got, but in this version, there are several types of land you get, including grass, swamp, mountains, forests, lakes and cornfields. Now you can?????t terraform mountains (which kind of makes sense) but for a price you can change the other types of land into what you want. They each have different levels of resources as well, but buildings can only be built on grass and swamp is good for nothing. There are now three types of food to maintain your upkeep in the form of corn and fish which you have to ?????harvest????? from cornfields or lakes, and the ever reliable pig farm which, for me anyway, appears my most reliable source of food. I forgot to mention how you make money, just like the first game, you trade goods at your marketplace. The level of building you have determines its storage and efficiency levels.

The lastability is excellent on this game as it could potentially go on forever. The missions are really great fun to play and while there is no level to choose, they are very challenging. The game itself is just continuously playable, it?????s going to take you a long time to build up your town. Natural events aren?????t controllable anymore and you can see good ones (you find supplies and people upgrade your buildings) as well as bad ones (fires and thieves). The game autosaves your progress (which isn?????t always a good thing, I would turn this feature off if I were you) and can be suspended and resumed. I found once again, that I couldn?????t stop playing this excellent game.