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Genre: Shoot em up :: Players: 2 ::

Bluetooth Biplanes Review

Developer: Morpheme


Game Features


You can shoot while controlling the plane
You can play 2 player with bluetooth


Final enemy is too difficult
Limited handsets

Save Option
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Review Details
Handset Nokia 6600

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 09/3/05

Finally the Bafta winning game is reviewed. To the many thousands of you that read the articles on the Bafta's you will know that Bluetooth Biplanes was up for an award. Some of you will also know that I thought other games were more likely to win. At the end of the day, congratulations to Morpheme because they did scoop the coveted award. Did we like, read on to find out.

The simple ideas are always the best apparently. Bluetooth Biplanes is a simple game and it won a Bafta therefore hypothesis proved.

Its a straight two player shoot em up. You each control a little biplane and it takes three direct shots to down the plane. You can choose to play against the computer or against your mate who must also own the same handset and game.

The graphics are basic as is the sound but the game does excel in the gameplay and controls department.

The controls take a bit of getting use to at first but it soon becomes second nature. 2 accelerates, 8 decelerates, 4 turns your plane anti clockwise and 6 turns your plane clockwise. The ubiquitous 5 fire your cannon. Unlike any other game I have played you can actually have a directional button pressed and fire at the same time. This means you can chase each other in intricate little patterns and still try to riddle their plane with bullets without having to alternate buttons. This is probably why it won an award and deservedly so. Hopefully this is the future of shoot em ups and something that has been sorely lacking in the development stages.

Once you have managed to hit the plane three times it will blow up and you get a point. There are two games modes, you can either 'first to 10' or practice indefinitely. If you defeat the computer in the first mode you are awarded with extra characters to play and fight against. In total there are 8 characters (including Balloon Headed Boy) and the final enemy is way too hard and if anyone has any tips please post them here.

If you get shot a couple of times you do have the chance to bail out and put on your little parachute. This is tricky at first and must be well timed. The * button ejects the pilot and pressing it again opens the parachute. Once open you must press left or right to help slow down. If you land successfully, run to the farmhouse where a new plane is waiting for you. When you are floating down you get shot by the enemy. If you die while parachuting you can lose points or if you get shot down by the enemy, they get the points. The computer also likes to bail out now and again so the scores can see-saw back and forth in a close match.

With the easy controls, Bluetooth options and infinite practice mode this game is a definite keeper and if you needed persuading to get a quality Nokia phone then this is more than a good enough reason.