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Genre: Quiz/Puzzle/Strategy :: Players: 1 :: Released: 07/3/05

Super Yum Yum Review

Developer: Airplay UK


Game Features


Simple and addictive gameplay
Lots of levels and worlds to unlock
Great graphics and sound


You can't save progress mid level

Save Option
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Review Details
Handset Sharp GX20

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 27/3/05

A quality puzzle game which is really fun and addictive to play. Right up there with the best of them.

I must admit that when I saw Super Yum Yum at first I didn't think much of it. I thought it would be like the thousands of Japanese puzzle games which are out there and not very individual. But how wrong I was! This is a great idea and great fun to play.

You play as Leon the lizard who has to eat the fruit on each level with his extendable tongue to progress.

The graphics are great and really suit the mood of the game. There are very cutesy and full of colour. In fact colour is what the game is about as Leon changes colour to that of the leaves of the last fruit he ate. The fruits look good and Leon looks very amusing, especially when he extends his tongue. The backgrounds are very individual depending on what world you are in and they really enhance the game. Great job.

The sound is also really well done. There is a nice them tune which plays when you start the game. In the game there are tones when you do things like eat the fruit, extend your tongue, try and eat fruit of the wrong colour and finish the level. A good attempt at adding sound to a fun game.

The controls couldn't be simpler. You can use the D-pad or shoulder buttons on the menus and the D or key pad in the game. In the game you move around using the D or key pad and when you want to extend your tongue to eat fruit, use the main button or 5. It's that simple.

The playability of the game is fantastic. It's a great puzzle game with a great idea. Leon has to eat fruit on each level in order to progress. You don't have to eat all the fruit to progress, but if you do and yo finish all the levels you get a special ending. The game works by the fruit having leaves on top. The colour of the leaves indicate the colour that Leon will turn next and Leon can only eat fruit of the colour that he is. So, if Leon was yellow he can eat yellow fruit. And if Leon eats a yellow fruit with red leaves at the top, then after eating that fruit he will turn red and so can only eat red fruit. The leaves at the top are not always different colours and so Leon can eat fruit of the same colour sometimes. This makes the game very puzzle orientated as you have to figure out the correct order in which to eat the fruit. Now to add to this puzzle mix to give you more of a challenge, there are raised sections (accessed by climbing stairs) and Leon can also extend his tongue across gaps to another fruit to pull himself across. Of course, that fruit has to be a colour he can eat! This gives plenty of routes and options you can take and makes eating all the fruit on each level a challenging task! There is also one special type of fruit which is multicoloured. Once Leon eats this, his colour changes constantly and it means that then next fruit he eats can be of any colour. Of course after this he has to follow the normal fruit colours rules. It sounds complicated but is actually very easy and simple to pick up. Also, as you progress further in the game, Leon's tongue is able to extend further!

The lastability is also excellent. There are four worlds and each one is unlocked after you complete all the levels on the last one. You don't have to eat all the fruit to finish a level, but if you do you will get a special ending. Each world contains 9 levels and with four worlds (temple, desert, frozen and lava) that makes 36 levels in total. The level select screen shows you which levels you have completed, which worlds are available and how much fruit you got in each level. It looks great and is simple to navigate. Also each level has its own name and you can see the number of fruit you have to get on each. The game also saves your progress which is great!

The game is so much fun to play and I spent several hours puzzling over the route to eating all the fruit on each level. I probably spent several hours finishing the game fully (ie by getting all the fruit on each level) and some levels are very easy and some quite complicated (ie on one ice level you have to leave one colour fruit, which looks like you should eat it right at the start, until the end in order to finish the level). Once you have finished the game you see the special ending (which I won't reveal), and you can replay any level. You can also reset your save position so that you can complete the game all over again if you like!

A must have for anyone who likes puzzle games.