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Genre: Racing/Driving, Sports :: Players: 1 :: Released: 07/5/05

Asphalt Urban GT Review

Developer: Gameloft


Game Features


Loads of cars and tracks to unlock!
Great fun to play!
Three modes - instant, arcade or duel


Loading time is a little long

Save Option
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Review Details
Handset Sharp GX20

Anannya Sen ’s Review

Review Date: 11/5/05

A game where you take to the streets to earn respect, avoid the police, and burn some serious rubber.

If you're a regular visitor to Mobile Game Faqs you'll have noticed that we like our car games. We have reviewed some great ones too, so I was expecting a lot from Asphalt GT. Well, I have to say that it doesn't disappoint.

The graphics, although 2D are excellent. There are lots of courses, by day, night and even the foggy mists of London. All have different backgrounds and all look very nice. They actually look like where they are supposed to be. The loading and menu pics are also great but it's not these you want to hear about, I'm sure. The cars themselves have been very well done. The view is the classic Outrun view from the back so you don't always get a whole lot of car to see but when choosing them and driving them, you'll realise the attention to detail. Each car is excellent and there are a hell of a lot of them in there, from the TT, the Exige, the Skyline down to Lamborghini's. And as I know someone who owns a Skyline, I can tell that they've made it as accurate as possible. The animation is slick and smooth and you get a great feeling of speed. The police cars and helicopter are also nice touches. Top class.

The sound isn't bad either with a decent tune playing on the menu and in the game. There are plenty of sound effects to keep you entertained with the bumps, skids and speed as well as the dreaded sirens! Also, the game gives you the option of whether you want sound on or not before you get to the main menu!

The controls are surprisingly easy. You can use the D or key pad to steer your car. The car autoaccelerates which is great so you just have to worry about driving. Left and right will turn normally but up left and up right will slide the car into the turns and keep the acceleration going. Similarly down left and down right will slide the car but while braking. You can skid around turns pretty well. Down or 8 is brake and up or 2 uses a turbo. For once I found it really easy to use the key pad using 1 and 3 for all the turns and 2 when I wanted to boost. As with most of my driving games, I ignored the brake.

The playability is excellent. The game is a whole lot of fun to play. Once I began to play I found myself playing all the time. The main drawback I have is the loading time is fairly lengthy, up to 20 seconds on some levels and to load the game up the first time. Maybe it was my phone which couldn't handle it. The objective is simple, race race race!! You can either have an instant race or play arcade mode where you have to unlock cars and courses. There are a lot of cars and courses in the game and some really cool ones at that. After a few wins on arcade mode you'll get enough money to unlock the duel option which enables you to place a bet and race against just one driver for 3 different levels of money. When you get to the later levels and need to earn bigger money to unlock stuff, this mode is invaluable. At the end of each course you get winnings based on several objectives like how many times you bumped someone, how fast you went, whether you evaded the police or not. I'll get to that, but as you get to different levels of money, more cars and tracks get unlocked. Apart from the other drivers to contend with you have a 'wanted' meter. The more you bump people, drive really fast and crash into stuff, the more the number of stars at the top of the display increases. After a certain level you will get chased by a police car (and they will fine you if they catch you) but you can knock them around the road as well. If you get to 5 stars, like GTA games, you get a police copter after you and you have to try and evade them for quite a while. It's tough, but can be done, especially if you go into a tunnel. There are items you can collect as well, one of which gives you police immunity. Also there is cash and turbos. You have a set number of turbos (5) but you can pick them up in the game and also get them when you hit certain speeds or points. And finally you can choose whether to play in mph of kph! Whew! A lot to do then!

The lastability is also pretty good. The drawback of the loading time is far outweighed by how much fun the game is to play. The game suspends and resumes and saves your progress when you finish each race. You get a percentage score of how much of the game you have completed. The number of tracks and cars to unlock will keep you going for quite a while. Each car is better than the last and feels and handles slightly differently. There are two modes and on the arcade mode you can have a duel as well. If you're bored you can replay your favourite courses and see if you can get extra money during the race by evading the police and getting caught on radar. There are some categories in the score which I don't get but these haven't hindered my enjoyment of what is a truly excellent game. The only thing missing would be the ability to mod your car but the game is pure class without it!

Gentlemen, start your engines, I think we have a winner!