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Genre: Sports :: Players: 3+ :: Released: 28/6/05

Playman Summer Games 2 Review

Developer: Mr Goodliving


Game Features


Great graphics
Difficulty levels
Improved controls


Slightly long to load

Save Option
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Review Details
Handset Nokia 6600

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 28/6/05

Playman's back and he's brought his friends to compete in one of the best games this year.

Playman started out a few years ago on the old monochrome handsets. The boy has now grown up into 3D glory. He has also learnt some social skills and doesn't get shy in front of company.

Playman Summer Games 2 is the biggest advancement in the Playman series. Gameplay has always been excellent but the graphics were basic. Mr Goodliving had made improvements in Winter Games and Beach Volley (although gameplay had slightly dropped) but now the series has got even better with brilliant gameplay and graphics in combination.

There are loads of new features in Summer Games 2, including different tournaments, computer AI and multiplayer ghosts. Plenty of minor tweaks have also added.

Firstly, the controls. In SG1 (Summer Games 1, not the sci-fi show) sprinting was achieved by pressing the correct button out of three. This was very taxing and high levels of concentration and finger agility were required. Thankfully this has been reduced to a choice of two buttons; 4 and 6. In short, its all about pure reactions. Once you have placed fingers over these buttons it is very easy to play - even if you've got fat thumbs or long fingernails. It is now very achievable to complete the races without missing a button.

The controls for the field events have also been simplified. Each field event can be split into separate sections. For the triple jump, you can focus on your sprinting until there is a cut scene when you have to time the 5 button so land as close to the foul line as you can. In the next section you have to time the press as your foot lands on the ground. It may sound complicated but it is not; the help section is very informative and as you would expect there is a training mode.

Even the sounds have been improved. There are several tunes for the menus, events and medal ceremony. As before, there is no music during the actual event so can concentrate. They have also added a Scream Booster for the throwing events. After you have launched your javelin/hammer, there is a random pause and Playman pops up on the screen and 5 appears in a speech bubble. The quicker you press the button, the louder he will scream and the further the object will fly. It is very important to hit this as fast as possible as this does has have a huge effect on your overall distance.

The most impressive features are the introduction of competitors and the various difficulty levels. You will begin at the Regional tournament and compete against 5 other competitors. The competitors can be any mix of human or AI players. There is no Bluetooth, so the handset must still be passed around. But, for the 100m, all the previous competitor ghosts will be racing with you. Fantastic!! After each race, points are awarded on your individual time/distance, as happens in decathlon. After the 4 events are complete the overall score is displayed. If you are in the top three, a medal ceremony is shown. If you manage to win the tournament, the next stage is unlocked. There are 4 tournaments including the secret MrG All Stars. If you manage to complete this tough tournament (all competitors can perform at world record values) then a special surprise is in store. Please note that to unlock the other levels, you must compete against 5 AI players and win overall.

Overall a fantastic game that will keep you and your mates enthralled for ages. Easily the best athletics game ever.