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Genre: Action, Platform :: Players: 1 ::

Tomb Raider 2: Quest for Cinnabar Review

Publisher: Digital Bridges, Eidos :: Developer: Iomo


Game Features


Really fun to play

Lots of puzzles and traps
Plenty of levels


Running takes a little time

Enemies are a bit harder

Save Option
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Review Details
Handset Sharp GX20

Anannya Sen ’s Review

Review Date: 18/1/05

Another classic game in the Lara mobile series. The graphics and sound are the same as the first but the levels are larger, the puzzles a bit more complex and the game is a bit harder!

Lara 2. I played Lara 1 to death so I couldn??t wait to give this a go. I have to say that it doesn??t disappoint. The game is a continuation of the storyline from Lara 1 but set in a different temple / ruin, with different traps, levels and puzzles.

The graphics are the same as Lara 1. The backgrounds have a slightly different colour scheme to indicate that you??re in a temple. The windows again provide a backdrop to the colourful exterior shots which change depending on your perspective. If you haven??t played Lara 1 then read the review here on mobilegamefaqs. Lara herself hasn??t changed, same pixels and still shot when she??s talking. The animation is the same as the first. There appear to be less statues in this one though.

The sound is again the same as Lara 1. You only get brief sound effects such as when you are dragging things, shooting things or dying. Not much to speak of.

The controls are also exactly the same as Lara 1, i.e. really simple and very easy to use. There is a training mode which is excellent at teaching you all the things you can do. The directional or key pad will control the character. Up will jump up or climb, down will crouch. Without your gun, the action button (5 or the centre button) will jump across. Use 0 to draw and holster your gun and the action button to fire. The action button will also pull levers etc. There are things to pick up as well which is achieved by pressing down over an item. You can run by double tapping a direction and holding on the second tap, ie to run left tap 4, hold 4 or tap left, hold left. Lastly you can pull and move blocks. Use the action button to grab it and then push or pull. What I really like about the controls is that they are really responsive (except when you want to run, that takes a second to register) and you can??t jump without pressing the action button. That means that you can wander around happily without the fear of falling off ledges or ladders. To jump you have to press the action button.

The playability is a little better than 1. The training mode itself is a lot of fun to play and will show you exactly what you can do in the game. Same three modes to the game, Adventure, Arcade and Time trial. Adventure has the storyline associated with it, arcade doesn??t. Time trial is self-explanatory. There are again, 15 levels and you can only play each mode up to the level you are currently on in adventure. See the review for Lara 1 for more of the basic aspects. What Lara 2 does to improve on Lara 1 is that there are more puzzles than before, from about level 3 the levels require some thought. There is an additional element added which is a warp that takes you to other level areas (as well as ropelines to abseil down instead of across). This adds a lot more gameplay as the warps are often need to get to areas to help you finish the level or collect items you will need. Sometimes the warps take you to mid-air and they??re not always there to help. The puzzles themselves have become more intricate and slightly harder, often you will now require precise timing to make the run or climb you need. The game has gotten a bit sneakier too with the doorways usually hidden on most levels (one was hidden under a block!). The enemies are a little tougher also and now come in pairs more often than not. Overall there have been enough tweaks to make this version more playable than 1.

The lastability is better as even though there are again 15 levels to play, the improvements have made it more difficult to complete. The additional enemies and the size of the levels have been improved. I am currently on Level 11 out of 15. Unlike Lara 1, I now need a bit of time to familiarise myself with each level before I try and clock it. Same 3 modes to keep you entertained and overall the game itself is even more fun to play. Bring on Lara 3!

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