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Genre: Shoot em up :: Players: 1 :: Released: 30/1/06

Alpha Wing 2 Review

Developer: Glu


Game Features


Stunning 3D backgrounds
Great gameplay
9 levels


No real sound effects
Game is hard to master

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Review Details
Handset Nokia 6680

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 31/1/06

Slick shoot em up with gorgeous backgrounds and stylish gameplay which should have all fans of the genre flocking to get this game.

I??m not a skilful shoot em up gameplayer but I know people who are and I know how they should be. This is a game that??s designed for the fans and it??s about time, as there have been some good titles before but nothing which has differentiated itself from the rest of the pack, until now that is.

First off the graphics. They really are superb. The main ships and the menus and selection screens have a really well animated and mangaesque style to them. The three characters look great and the ships are distinctive enough. The planet selection levels are nicely presented but it??s the backgrounds which really stand out. The loading screen for the level is a very nicely drawn picture and then you get a little 3D image coming at you but then you get to the actual game. Lush 3D backgrounds and camera movement that actually makes you feel like you??re flying. The effects on the water in the first level are stunning and is such an improvement on graphics I??ve seen before that I had to show my friends. The animation is great as well with the enemy fire being slow enough for you to avoid but there??s so much that it makes it tricky. The ship is responsive and moves well and the enemy ships are well drawn. You can??t really ask for more.

The sound, as with most Glu games is pretty decent. You don??t get any sound effects in the game but you do get some impressive tunes on loading and during playing. It??s a cool feature that the vibration works as well for when you destroy some of the bigger enemy ships and this is a phone feature that??s been underused since day one of the world of mobile phone games. You get the option to turn the sound on or off during loading as well.

The controls are simple, the developers have elected to go with an autofire approach which is great. You can turn it on or off though, so it??s cool that the option is there as well. D or key pad will control the movement of the ship and like some shoot em up games, there??s a temporary shield that you can activate by pressing the main button or 0 or 5 which will protect you from enemy fire but not collision with the ships themselves for a brief period of time. The shield needs time to recharge and the more you use it the less you get on your score. In truth these are extremely simple controls.

The playability is excellent. I was really impressed when playing the game. The game has 9 levels with 3 set in each system. The game looks and feels like an arcade shooter converted to a mobile and I used to watch people play these sorts of games in the arcades. Certain ships give you power ups and you don??t have to destroy all the ships on screen. As with some classic shooters you have limited lives but once you die your ship is invulnerable for a little while and you can recollect all the power ups you got from before. There are three different characters to choose from, I think each one has slightly different characteristics in terms of weapons power and manoeuvrability so pick your favourite and away you go. The enemy fire comes on the screen in large numbers but it??s slowish so control of movement is key. You can use your shield in times of stress as one shot will kill you. The power ups aren??t that common but when you do get them the difference on the ship is a marked improvement. The game is a whole load of fun to play and the level and the graphics are pitched just right.

The lastability is excellent as well. I??m not a great shoot em up player but I managed to get to level 3 on my first attempt and even now as I??m writing this review I want to replay the game to see what the later levels are like. There are 3 lives you get and that??s it, no save slots or continues however you do unlock levels as you progress so you can continue from there without the power ups. This is really tricky and it's better to play from the beginning and improve in the game instead as you'll need the power ups in later levels. To be honest, that??s what shoot em ups should be like as it??s the skill of playing the game which should keep you coming back for more. There is a plot as well as you are the last hope of Earth and the levels are pitched just right in terms of gameplay and AI. There are times when the screen is swarming with enemies but a few power ups and some fast flying and you can get through them ok which gives you a satisfying enough feeling that you want to keep playing. Even if you get bored of playing as one character there are always 2 others to try!

A shoot em up game that satisfies all aspects of the genre and is one that should be on everyone??s phone.