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Genre: Action :: Players: 1 :: Released: 01/11/04

Baldur's Gate Review

Developer: Sorrent


Game Features


Decent graphics and range of spells
Addictive gameplay
Abilities increase through XP


No real RPG element - just hack n slash
No sound
Battle system is awkward at times

Save Option
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Review Details
Handset Sharp GX20

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 29/11/04

An addictive RPG style game for your phone. Not much RPG element but a fun hack n slash type of game where you can increase your levels and abilities. Graphics and gameplay for the mobile version aren't as good as described, but pretty decent nonetheless. Recommended.

Ok, a couple of things first. I'm presuming the description of the game with all the wondrous things you can do refers to the GBA or N-Gage version as the mobile version I played was pretty basic. Secondly the graphics on my phone don't look anything like the screenshots. While they are quite good, again, I think the ones from the screenshots are from the GBA or N-Gage.

I never played Baldur's gate on the PC but I heard that it was a really good game. But I was one of the few people I knew who clocked Dungeon Master on the Atari 1040 STE that I had. Amazing game, great graphics and scary worm monsters, who incidentally, occupied the whole of the first level of the sequel in which I couldn't get anywhere (that first level was HARD!!).

The object of the game is to understand who is trying to disrupt some festivities and battle against an evil cult trying to bring the old dark gods back to power. Sounds cool doesn't it.

The graphics are pretty well done, they are quite small, but detailed nonetheless. The main character looks quite nice, in the large black cloak. One drawback is that whichever class you choose (warrior or wizard), the character looks the same. There is no feel of movement as such, as like the original D&D games, the character sort of 'slides' along. The monsters are varied and nicely drawn however the backgrounds are quite sparse. The spell animations are cool though, and there is sufficiently different animation for each spell to make it worthwhile.

There is no sound. Why oh why is there no sound. Answers on a postcard please.

The controls are really straightforward once you get used to them. The directional or key pad moves your character around. The 3 key changes which spell you are using and you can use the 2 key to cast it. NOTE that you HAVE to have the right target selected and it is easy to switch targets without noticing. The target you have selected is indicated via a green circle underneath them. This can be moved from target to target by using the star key. You have to move the target circle to whatever you want to engage (ie opening chests, talking to people and attacking things).

The playability is really quite addictive. This game is for RPG fans who enjoy battling creatures and watching their levels and abilities increase (I was a master of FF7 - Knights of the Round was awesome!). Unlike the blurb, you can't choose which stats to distribute your points gained, but there is a comprehensive stat page which lists all your stats, your current level, what you need to get to the next one and your gold etc. Also the feats page details what feats you can do and what they will cost.
There is sadly not much RPG element to the game. The levels consist of the same 5ish screens with different coloured backgrounds. You don't really get a sense of being in a realm or anything, more like being trapped in a castle. Basically you have to kill all the creatures on each level and then the end of level boss. Once this is done you'll learn a bit more about the plot which is a nice touch and the narratives are worded well. There are merchants in each level for you to buy and sell armour and weapons and there are also lots of chests for you to open. Beware though as some chests are booby trapped and take away some if not all your life. You don't have to kill all the creatures, just the end of level boss and there are plenty of screens when you can avoid them. They do drop lots of gold and items though, particularly powerful armour etc. I love these sort of games, so even though there wasn't anything to actually do or puzzles / quests to solve, I really enjoyed it. Oftentimes the spells fail or the creatures kill you easily, but there are ways to play which you have to learn. Also you don't have to fight head on. Wait around a corner and bounce your spell around the room to attack from safe places!

The lastability is pretty good. There are seven levels and the game autosaves at each one. If you exit the game properly, the game will save at the room you were just in. The game autosuspends as well, but if you then quit you have to start at the beginning of the level again. Be warned also that if you try and autosuspend while the game is loading, then the game will quit and you have to start at the last point you properly saved (ie by exiting the game properly). Sounds confusing but you'll know what I mean once you play. The levels are of increasing and challenging difficulty so the lastability is good.

Overall a worthwhile game for your phone which should provide you with plenty of hours of hack n slash fun!