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Genre: Action :: Players: 1 :: Released: 29/9/08

Little Firefighter Review

Developer: HandyGames


Game Features


Fun to play
Cool items
Inane plot


A bit too easy
Levels aren't that big

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Review Details
Handset Sony-Ericsson K800i
Time Played 2 hours
Game Progress Level 14

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 29/9/08

Put out fires with your hose.

When I realised Little Firefighter was a Handy Games game, I knew that it would be a little bit off the wall. They make great and sometimes pretty strange games. This one is a simple concept but still manages to get across the joie de vivre they bring to the mobile games world.

You play Tobi, a little boy who dreams of being a great firefighter like his dad. He likes to play with his toy fire truck and think about putting out fires. When he falls asleep he enters fire dreamland where his truck is alive and his best friend and goes by the name Dandy. Dandy can talk and tells Tobi that he can help put out fires in fire dreamland for real. Tobi's only problem is Jacqueline, who seems to think that Tobi shouldn't be in fire dreamland. Jacqueline is the guy (yep, a guy) who controls the firelings and fire warriors who start the fires. If you think this all sounds like a drug induced haze, it's pretty standardly strange Handy Games fare.

So essentially the story flows as you encounter Jacqueline more and more and you wander round the fire dreamland area putting out fires. You can do this by wandering around and connecting your hose to the fire hydrants, then spraying water using the directional pad. If the water supply is strong enough, you will be able to get a big spray, but it will run out after a while. Disconnect and come back to it, and it should build up again.

Targeting the firelings and warriors will eventually get rid of them, obviously the warriors take longer. You can walk around in or near the fires as you have a health bar, but spend too long and you're gonna get burned. The hoses have a limited length so you will have to find others and connect to them. Pressing the right soft key disconnects your hose and pressing the main button or 5 next to a hydrant will connect the hose.

In addition to the hoses spraying water, you can carry around items to use when your hose is not connected. You get them from Dandy and they are basically power ups. They vary from portable sprinklers, energy drinks that speed you up, extendable hoses etc. Also, once you get rid of the firelings and demons, they will leave you coins to collect. Get a few of these and you'll gain some abilities for a short while, like being immune to heat, having an ice blast or collecting points.

Each level will give you a score and the level objectives vary. Some you have to clear it of all fire, others you have to take out a certain number of firelings / warriors, and yet more you have to collect things or get to a specific point. In each level, there is a time limit too, so you may have to watch out if you're running out of time. This is not as hard as you might think, as moving around with the hose can be quite slow.

The game takes a few levels to get used to, but once you do, it's plain sailing. So far I haven't found a level that I would class as tough. But even with the easy difficulty curve, I am still playing it for the inane plot and chatter on each level, as well as the fun factor. It's probably a common thing for people to enjoy spraying stuff with hoses and the game shamelessly taps into this.

Graphics and sound are very big and cartoony and up to the usual Handy Games standard. The game looks like one of those cutesy Japanese games with big characters and lots of colour. I'm currently on level 14 and am probably gonna keep playing it after this review to find out what Jacqueline is really about and what happens with Toby.

Simple, fun and a bit crazy, Handy Games have another decent game on their hands to add to their reputation.