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Genre: Platform :: Players: 1 :: Released: 26/11/04

Christmas Trouble Review


Game Features


Really cute graphics!
Amusing creatures!
Two different characters!


No sound!
No save feature

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Review Details
Handset Sharp GX20

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 01/12/04

A cutesy and fun platformer with a very Christmassy theme. Good game for your phone and a lot of fun to play.

This is a simple platform game in the run up to Christmas. The premise is Toritonk (who??) has stolen your reindeer and you have to rescue them as either Santa or his lovely elf Betty.

The graphics are great. Really cute and with a well drawn main page. The main characters of Santa and Betty are well animated and the creatures (penguins, some flying things and panda??s with lasers) look nice. The backgrounds are bright and full of colours and the snow looks cool.

There is no sound. None at all, not even a jingle bells or silent night. One Christmassy theme would have been nice.

The controls are pretty simple, move around using the directional pad or key pad. The centre button or 5 will throw your snowball and you can jump up or diagonally. That??s about it really.

The playability is great. This game is a lot of fun. Each character plays differently. Santa has more health, he throws snowballs in an arc and throws creatures in a straight line. He is also not so good at jumping. Betty is the opposite, a bit less health but she throws snowballs in a straight line and creatures in an arc and is good at jumping. Even though Betty looks better, I had to play as Santa. The levels increase in difficulty with more creatures as you go up. One nice feature is that when you kill a creature, as it drops off the screen, if you stand underneath it you can catch it. Once you??re holding it, you can throw this at other creatures instead of using snowballs. If you manage to throw it at and catch 5 creatures in a row, then instead of getting candy goodies, you get letters which spell out the word Christmas (shown at the bottom left of the screen). Once you get all the letters lit up (they each have to be different colours) then you get bonus continues and health power ups etc. You have to rescue each reindeer by completing the game each time with increasing difficulty. The bottom part of the screen shows your health, how many letters of Christmas you have and how many creatures you have left to get rid of. Also there??s a box which counts down, I??m not sure what this is but I??m guessing that once it gets to zero, you lose a life. You can keep it from going to zero by disposing of more creatures.

The lastability is pretty good as there are 8 reindeer to save and plenty of levels to play. The power ups of getting the letters of Christmas is a nice touch, but above all it??s fun to go around throwing penguins and panda??s. You can connect to the network to view and upload high scores. A nice Christmas platformer for your phones.