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Genre: Mini Games, Sports :: Players: 1 :: Released: 18/2/09

Bikini Summer Games Review

Developer: Twistbox


Game Features


6 players
Customisable characters


Graphics are pants
No rewards
4 fairly rubbish mini games

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Review Details
Handset Sony-Ericsson K800i
Time Played 30 minutes which was 20 mins too long
Game Progress Won the games a few times, broke my record

Anannya Sen ’s Review

Review Date: 19/2/09

Four events that involve wearing bikinis

Bikini Summer Games 2008 doesn't really have the feel of a 2008 game, more so a 2004 game. The sort of game that was common back when mobiles first came out and saving your progress was a myth. As it is in this game too. The developers have tried to throw in a few casual mini games in there, the diving event requires timed directional input, the basketball one needs you to time your throws, but to be honest it's really pants.

The one thing going about it is that you can have up to 6 players. Ok, maybe that and the fact you can customise your character to your personal preferences of the female form. There are four events which are the diving (timed directions), fencing (button bashing), kayaking (button mashing) and basketball (3 button presses). Why the developers picked these events I don't know. The whole point of the game seems to be to try and stare at badly drawn images (we're talking C64 or ST graphics here) of women in bikinis. But the sprites are so small, I don't really see the point. Although even if they were larger I still wouldn't see the point.

Animation is fairly basic and a little jerky at times, especially on the kayak event. You can play all 4 or "tailor" your game, but as there are only 4 events, tailoring seems useless. You might as well just play them in practice mode. The fencing involves you getting rid of your opponent's protection, but after that's gone, you still have a bit of time left to mash the buttons. Trying to defend against AI parries and thrusts is ridiculous as the timing is beyond even me.

The one event where you are supposed to be distracted is the basketball which involves crosshairs and a little timing. The distraction part is the fact the power bar is represented by a pair of breasts heaving in and out, you have to time it on the in part, then hold the button until you get a green light. Having said that, any of the yellows and a bad judgement on the crosshairs and you'll still probably get it in.

There are records of your results and I guess this is what you are supposed to try and beat. I played it once through and couldn't care less to be honest. You get nothing for winning, no pic, just your character jumping up and down on the podium. Worlds apart from the Soccerette on Soccer Saturdays.

To be honest I'm not sure who buys these games. The designs are always poor, the gameplay usually sucks and if pre pubescent kids want to see women in bikinis, this is not the game for them. The first wooden spoon award of 2009, hopefully it will also be the last.