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Genre: Block Breaker :: Players: 1 :: Released: 27/4/09

Blocspin 360 Review

Publisher: Disney ::


Game Features


Mix of circular and classic levels
16 normal levels and 16 bonus levels
Lots of power ups


Playing area far too close to the paddles
Game is quite easy
You can't fire the ball from the bottom

Save Option
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Review Details
Handset Sony-Ericsson K800i
Time Played 1.5 hours
Game Progress Finished 16 levels, on bonus level 1

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 28/4/09

Another twin bladed game.

Games are a strange thing. They are almost like films in that when one game of a certain type comes out, it seems all the developers have similar games in the woodwork. A few weeks ago, we reviewed what I thought was a great game, called Absolute Twin Blades. In it, you control twin blades in an arkanoid style block breaker.

In Blocspin 360 you control twin blades which combine into one sometimes, in an arkanoid style block breaker. There is even a similar plot involving alien creatures and light energy, however Blocspin 360, henceforth BS360, also has levels where it's the more traditional single paddle at the bottom of the screen instead of the circular twins.

Graphically the game looks very nice and is full of colour. There are lots of fizzing effects as the balls bounce around and the explosions and power ups make it interesting to look at. Sound isn't bad too with some nice mood music and the option of SFX if you feel like it.

Controls are very very simple, just move left and right to move the paddles and press 5 to fire the ball at the grid. What I think is a bit of a letdown about this game is the screen size. In Twin Blades you had a circular grid and a lot to aim for, but there was a decent amount of space between the grid and your paddles. Not so in BS360 and you will find the lack of distance quite annoying.

What it means is that for some levels you have to have really good reactions as the ball will fly around everywhere at short notice. The other annoying thing is just as I got used to the paddles moving around in opposite directions in Twin Blades, i.e. going around in a circle, this game has them moving in the same direction. So very confusing, plus the fact they can join into one giant paddle later on. This also results in you leaving gaps all the time and inevitably the ball often finds it's way through.

But that doesn't matter too much as the game doesn't have continues or a time limit. Well, maybe it kind of does. The game is all about setting free the "light energy" against the dark beings, some of which will be flapping around during the levels. This gives you a numeric amount in the top corner and this counts down. When it hits zero, it's game over. Break out the light enery though by popping the grid, and the number increases, allowing you to keep playing. Lose the ball though, and you lose a fair amount on the number. A few balls down the pipeline and it's game over.

You can continue though at the level you left, and it seems there are 16 levels to play in total. What makes this game a bit more than an incoherent mashed version of Twin Blades is the fact that there are power ups. And lots of them. They have a wide variety of uses, like creating a shield, making your paddles bigger and giving the ball special properties. Those people who are giggling right now, stop it.

I will be completing the game, hopefully before this review goes out, but I'm not sure about the replay value, seeing as it didn't take too long to get to level 13. It was fun while it lasted but the mess of the paddles combining and moving in the same direction didn't do it for me. What's worse is you couldn't ever fire the ball off from the bottom of the screen. Still, if you like these sorts of block breakers, and want a flavour of the old skool arkanoid, and have made it through Twin Blades, maybe you should check it out.

EDIT - just finished the game and there are 16 bonus levels, so 32 levels in total. Reasonable bang for your buck, but I don't think I'll be doing these.