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Genre: Action :: Players: 1 :: Released: 08/11/04

Achilles vs Troy Review

Developer: M-Solutions


Game Features


Long game with many levels
Good sword action


Long loading time
Bit tough in places

Save Option
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Review Details
Handset Motorola V525

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 16/12/04

A fast-paced all-action platform/fighting game. Good longevity and graphics but slightly awkward controls.

A good looking game with good action moves.

You start the game on the beaches of Troy and progress all the way through until you are into the heart of the city. The gameplay is constant throughout although there are plenty of different backgrounds as you play through the various levels.

The graphics are very good - both the sprites and the backgrounds are well detailed.

The character movement is fairly standard; you can run, jump up, jump diagonally and crouch. You can create various attack combos, although this is not explained in the instructions. You can make two fluid strikes with your sword and the second strike can be dictated by the left/right directional buttons. This is very handy when you get surrounded. The best move is to do a running attack as the second strike will tend to chop the enemy in half. The controls can be a bit awkward. If you do a running attack you can find yourself falling off the platform into a pit full of soldiers.

The are various enemies to defeat. There are standard foot soldiers, archers but the hardest are the men carrying the long spears. There is a health bar and life power ups are available.

Once you die though, its game over. However, the game does continue from the same level automatically. The exit for the levels can be well hidden and the vastness of some of the levels turn them into more of a maze-like game but still very good fun.

I am currently on Level 7, which I think is the final level. Each level does take a while to complete and the attacks are enticing enough to keep you coming back for more. Overall, I did enjoy kicking some Trojan butt and it is definitely well worth a try.

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