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Genre: Mini Games, Sports :: Players: 1 :: Released: 26/5/09

Beach Games 12 Pack Review

Developer: Digital Chocolate


Game Features


12 events
Interesting career mode


Graphics are a bit poor
Game can be tough to begin with

Save Option
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Review Details
Handset Sony-Ericsson K800i
Time Played 2 hours
Game Progress On final event in career mode

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 27/5/09

One touch beach game fun

How much fun can you have on a beach? Well, Digital Chocolate think you can have heaps of fun so they have released an athletics game with a beach theme.

Like some kind of Beach Olympics, Beach Game 12 pack allows you to compete in events like the limbo, beach sprint with sandcastles, throwing beach balls frisbees. There are water events too, where you can dive or swim a certain distance, often being careful of the waves approaching.

The games are designed to be simple. In a control system reminiscent of Playman, you have to press 4 and 6 when prompted on screen to speed up your player. Pressing them at the right time will result in the words perfect appearing so you know you've done it. As you build up speed, some events will just require you to keep doing this, others will require you to press 5 to jump, dive under waves, hurdle sandcastles and leap off a pier.

The remaining events use a one button control system. Press 5 in rhythm on the dive or for setting power and height on the throwing events. For the frisbee tap a direction rapidly to move your pointer and you can also use aftertouch. Finally, for the limbo, you have to tap 5 rapidly to keep the player arched over, tapping it too much or going too far will result in them falling down.

The career mode is split into 3 qualifying events, followed by a mini tournament. As you progress, you unlock more events to play in the quick play mode. The tournament is usually the events you have just played and later ones involve more than three events. You have to finish in the top 3 each time to progress and like all sports games, there is the chance to break world records.

You can also play the game with your friends in the hotseat mode. You take it in turns to have a go and up to 6 of you can play. The developers have even added a brief story to the career mode with some secret twists along the way and a chance to face off against your old teacher and their new student.

Digital Chocolate games are always well presented, and fun to play. My only reservations with this game are that the graphics can be improved (although colourful they have a cartoony quality about them) and some events are quite tricky. Still, the game is fun to play, each event doesn't take that long and you may well find yourself having a quick go to see if you can get further or beat your score.

Overall a nice game to play, certainly not the best in it's class, but the events are different enough, and controls simple enough to make it accessible for everyone.