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Genre: Cricket, Sports :: Players: 1 :: Released: 31/5/09

2-4-1 Cricket Review

Publisher: I-Play ::


Game Features


Two games for the price of one
One is technical, the other is a fun casual game


Both games are a little old now
Takes a while to learn the timing in Michael Vaughan

Save Option
Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Sony-Ericsson K800i
Time Played 2 hours

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 01/6/09

Two games for the price of one.

With the summer cricket season almost upon us, Player One and Shadow Light games have decided to re-release a few staple titles to give the people who missed out on them the first time, a chance to check them out.

In case you didn't get it from the title, there are two cricket games here. The first up is Michael Vaughan's Pro Cricket 2008 which I guess is the sequel to the 2007 version. You can read our review here. The graphics appear slightly improved on the older version, although the batting seems to be trickier. With most cricket games I guess the batting is the most fun part, but it took me a while to be able to hit the shots. The controls certainly aren't difficult, you can use up, left, right to hit the ball after moving your batsman to the right spot. Pressing fire or 5 at the same time as any of these directions will result in a more technically advanced shot increasing the potential for a boundary.

Two button presses are easy but the timing should be quite late. Pressing the button at the bounce will most likely cause your ball to go straight up and you will be caught easily. It took me a while to get my reactions used to pressing the buttons really late, but once you get the hang of it, the shots become more interesting. You can choose a variety of fielding set-ups and pick your shots accordingly. You also make the players run by pressing the main button or 5, and pressing it again will cause them to run back. The same impressive list of game modes is available. Bowling is much the same and the game is decent to play even while rating England at number 2.

Second on the list is Flintoff Powerplay. This is exactly the same as the version we reviewed here a while back. Unlike Michael Vaughan, it's more of a fun one touch game where it's all about hitting boundaries and other items in the stands. Packaging the two games together is a good mix of serious and fun. Michael Vaughan will please the serious enthusiasts out there who try to pick their shot carefully, spend a while deciding on the bowling and fielding setup and also enjoy tons of modes. However, if you want a quick burst of boundary hitting action then Flintoff Powerplay satisfies these cravings.

Overall the fact the games are both good cricket games and both offer different things means that if you're a fan, and missed out on them the first time around, this package is well worth a look.