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Genre: Casual :: Players: 1 :: Released: 26/6/09

Crazy Penguin Catapult 2 (iPhone) Review

Publisher: Digital Chocolate, Inc. ::


Game Features


Very addictive


Similar graphics to before

Save Option
Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Apple iPhone 3G
Time Played 3 hours
Game Progress 120 stars

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 29/6/09

The penguins are back and as crazy as ever

It's only been a few months since the first Crazy Penguin Catapult was launched. Last time we gave it a reasonable 78% and it's time to see what has changed in the sequel. The short answer is not a huge amount.

The premise is still the same, evil polar bears have kidnapped your penguin pals and the penguins are on a kamikaze rescue mission. Each level comes in two parts. Firstly, you have to successfully fire your penguins using a catapult through a small channel. You start each level with 8 penguins and everyone that you manage to shoot through the gap will take part in the second section of the level. The second section is where you get to conduct some polar bear carnage by dive-bombing your penguins onto the bears and try to get the angles right so that the birds can bounce around and knock out as many bears as possible.

The better you do, the more stars you get and the quicker these can be traded in for upgrades. There are a few new upgrades including a grenade helmet and the driller penguin. As before, once you've committed to an upgrade, there's no going back until you've collected the next batch of stars. My tip would be to go for the twin penguins first and then the super bounce or ninja penguins. The previous version had 35 levels and the sequel has been boosted to 50 levels. The difficulty is probably a little easier than before (or I'm more adept to hitting polar bears) and as ever, Digital Chocolate have locked down that one-more-go factor. The game can be very addictive and you could find yourself completing the game within the first couple of days.

There are a few bonus levels bundled into the game and an option to sign up to their free newsletter. As we are in iPhone OS 3.0 territory, you can expect future bonus packs for a small fee.

Ultimately, there is a lot of similarity with the original game and the graphics and sound haven't been tweaked much. A slightly lower score than before but with potentially a much longer lifetime thanks to the bonus packs.