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Genre: Movie/TV based, Puzzle :: Players: 1 :: Released: 02/7/09

Angels and Demons Puzzle Review

Developer: Glu


Game Features


Fun to play
Lots of levels


Poor sound and average graphics
The actual movie story seems a bit pointless

Save Option
Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Sony-Ericsson K800i
Time Played 3 hours
Game Progress Story mode level 16, played through a fair bit of challenge mode

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 02/7/09

A puzzle game in the shape of a movie adaptation.

Most movie adaptations are pants, even if the movie is great. What they usually fail to do is create a solid foundation on which to build from. This is the other way round, apparently. I say apparently because I've never seen Angels and Demons but from all accounts it's not that great. And how many times can you say that about a Tom Hanks film?

Well, the mobile game isn't bad at all. It's essentially a solitaire puzzler (that's peg solitaire for all the non UK folk) with a few twists and the movie plot thrown in as a backdrop. You get a fair amount of still pics and text telling you about Robert Langdon and his progress to discover the Illuminati and their devilish plot. And interspersed between these developments are the puzzle levels.

They all have a similar goal, you have to achieve a certain number of points or pegs remaining to progress to the next level. And there are levels to determine if you get bronze, silver or gold. The standard marble pegs are added to by elements which apparently relate to the Illuminati. These are fire, air, earth and water.

After the first few standard levels when you play with the elements, you will notice that you have to get big scores. And this is done by creating a big jump. I was initially confused with the elements as the instructions state you can make multiple jumps if you line them up right, so I was lining them up like a checkers board wondering why my multiple jump was selectable as an option. But what the instructions actually meant was that you can jump MULITPLES of up to 5. So if you line up 5 fire elements in a row, the sixth one can jump over all 5 in one go, earning you a big fat load of points.

And that's when the game begins to get interesting as it then becomes about setting up the big jumps. How can I manoeuver the pegs so you get a big jump you will ask yourself. It doesn't stop there because you have Illuminati pegs which have eyes and can see. These can't be jumped when their eyes are open, but jump one and the others on the board all switch states. You'll get what I mean when you play the game. Finally, there are the antimatter pegs which can only be jumped but subtract from your score.

And the puzzles just keep on coming. The goals of the levels change, some requiring you to get points, others as few pegs left as possible, others still to get points within a time limit. As you progress you certainly care less and less about the story and more about the next puzzle. Well, I certainly did anyway. And as the puzzles all have a rating as I mentioned before, you can also go back to earlier puzzles to improve your score.

The game has another mode, challenge mode. You can either have a random game and get the highest score, or work through 26 puzzles which get harder to help you get used to the levels in story mode.

The game isn't brilliant, and nor is it the most original game around. But peg solitaire is still popular for a reason and that is it's a solid game. Fun to play and when you add the different types of pegs, it can be a little addictive. Again, apparently unlike the movie. I'm not sure why the developers didn't just release this as a peg solitaire style game and forget about the whole movie tie in. Well, I guess they wouldn't have got the marketing money in that case. It's all about the brand apparently. C'est la vie.

So if you like puzzle games and using your brain, this one is worth checking out.