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Genre: 3D, Action, Extreme Sports, Racing/Driving :: Players: 1 :: Released: 17/8/09

Red Bull X-Fighters (iPhone) Review

Publisher: I-play :: Developer: Xendex


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Great graphics
Great replay value


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Review Details
Handset Apple iPhone 3G
Time Played 4 hours
Game Progress Won medals in all events

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 17/8/09

We were expecting greatness and we weren't disappointed.

Xendex and Iplay have been making games together for a few years now and these include the Nate Adams FMX series (click the link for the reviews) for java handsets. The concept and ideas haven't changed much but the execution is better than ever.

The game now carries the ubiquitous Red Bull brand and follows the X- Fighters in their world tour. All you have to do is ride your bike along the straight but bumpy track and perform as many mid air tricks as you can and land safely. Sounds simple? Well it's not. The game has very clever physics behind it and every bump on the track is taken into account for your speed and angle of rotation.

As the iPhone has an accelerometer, it would be a shame not to use it. Your bike auto accelerates but you can control the rider's centre of gravity by tilting the device left/right (or using the buttons). As he leans back the bike will start to wheelie and pick up more speed; do this in mid air and you can start back flipping.

If you ever seen clips of these guys you will have seen some of the crazy stunts they can perform. Jumping off your saddle and standing on the handlebars is apparently an everyday event. Back on the java sets, these moves were simply carried out by pressing a single button on the keypad. Xendex have made the iPhone version a little more interesting and you have to trace out shapes on the screen (similar to The Force Unleashed). Touch the screen while in mid air and the game slows down to give you time to sketch your tricks. Make full use of the slowdown as it seems you need to be quite precise and steady for the game to register all the finger moves. It does let you buffer two tricks together and is a handy way of getting big points.

Red Bull X-Fighter starts you off with a series of challenges and gradually introduces you to each trick. The difficulty ramping is beautifully set. Each level has bronze, silver and gold requirements. In the beginning you will be struggling for the bronze but once your skill improves, new bikes are unlocked and higher scoring tricks are learnt, there is plenty of incentive to return to the early levels and go for the gold.

There are 6 main locations to race through. Each location is split into different sections. There is a time trial where it's all about the time and tricks count for nothing; performer levels where you have to score high and sometimes with a time limit and finally there is the show off event where you ride down the entire course and are expecting to perform some big moves for some big points.

Once you’ve unlocked a few locations, new bikes (with better spped/handling) and new events are also unlocked. An X-Fighters Tour and Race Tour are the first to be unlocked with even higher show-off thresholds and faster time trials. Eventually you can also unlock a world record and Las Vegas location. These will have you jumping across a football pitch and jumping over the Arc De Triomphe (I’m guessing from Paris Paris in Vegas). It would be good to have Tower Bridge added in a future update…

The graphics and animation are top notch and I cannot find fault with them and there’s even a ghost rider for the timed events. As this is a 3D branded game, there is no room for some of the fantasy courses and impossible leaps that were on the java versions. Some people could find the game a little monotonous and repetitive but the pass mark is finely judged for each event and it does its best to keep you entertained.