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Genre: Action :: Players: 1 :: Released: 25/11/09

Biozone Review

Publisher: Connect2Media :: Developer: Konami


Game Features


Side scrolling action


Average graphics and sound
Plot seems familiar
Game kept crashing

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Review Details
Handset Sony-Ericsson K800i
Time Played 1 hour
Game Progress Jetpack level, kept crashing

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 25/11/09

A very run of the mill run n gun.

Sometimes you get mobile games which push the boundaries of graphics, controls or even storyline. And other times you get games which basically tick all the standard boxes and go for mediocrity. Now, I'm not saying the developers of Biozone specifically went for this when designing the game, but unfortunately it doesn't really impress.

Technically there is nothing wrong with it. You roam around the levels, taking out bad guys, flying around a bit and getting updated on the developing plot. But it looks pretty average. And plays the same.

Graphically the game is really nothing special. Standard 2D graphics with animation that does the job but not a lot more. The flying part could have looked really cool, but it just looks basic. The shooting part could have looked really cool but it's as expected. And the other elements of the game almost have a paint by numbers feel to them.

There is some intrigue on the plot and the rogue scientist who went missing years ago, plus the teams who went in to find him and were never seen again. Who could these mutated enemies be? Well, I guess you don't need a PhD to figure it out, but it does keep the game ticking over.

The movement isn't great. You have to hold up to jump and sometimes this results in you falling off ledges. This usually doesn't mean too much as you will fall to a ledge below. Or end up in another gun battle with an alien who shoots first and asks questions later. But as long as you duck you shouldn't get hit as they fire at head level. Other creatures aren't so kind, but they can be taken out by exploding barrels, dropping boxes on them or other methods.

The game saves at the start of each level, but there are checkpoints mid level. These can't be accessed if you quit the game though, so basically, unless you want to start again, you should finish each level in one sitting. There are weapon power ups (few and far between and the grenades seem to be useless) and health recovers.

What is also a bit silly is that on some levels with moving platforms, if you time your jump wrong, you can be squished if you don't stand dead centre. This would be fine, and I would have replayed the level from the checkpoint, but the game crashed every time and didn't reload. This also happened when I dropped off a really high ledge. So not a great result to help me do the review.

There are some areas where you have to pull switches and get on platforms, but the game actually tells you which direction to go in, so you should never really be stuck with what direction you need to proceed. In some areas you have to rescue soldiers using an antidote you collect.

I would like to expand on this review, but the fact that my copy kept crashing has prevented me from doing so. I think if I did have to play the rest of the game, it wouldn't really change my opinion too much as I couldn't see enough in there to wow me. Oh well, better luck next time.