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Genre: Casual :: Players: 1 :: Released: 19/11/09

Auditorium (iPhone) Review

Publisher: Electronic Arts Nederland BV ::


Game Features


Amazing sound


No freeplay mode

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Review Details
Handset Apple iPhone 3G
Time Played 2 hours
Game Progress Halfway through game pack 5

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 28/11/09

Orchestral manoeuvres in the dark

Auditorium is not homage to an electropop band from the 80's but it is a cracking music based game. Barring the obligatory EA loading screen, the game launches straight into the playing arena.

We do get pretty busy here at MGF towers and we don't always get to read the game description before playing the game. It's fair to say that we didn't know what to expect when presented with a streaming beam of light, a box icon and some other round icon. After realising that tilting the iPhone has no effect on the game, it was time to drag objects on the screen. It wasn't long before we figured out that you could move the deflector icon and bounce the light beam and slowly fill up the box. Once the box was full, we were treated to a nice light display while the next level loaded. After a while it was time to turn off our iPod music and see what the game had to offer in the audio department.

Having the headphones in and the game sound on is the best way to fully appreciate the game. The stream of light also carries music and as you direct the beams into the box, their classical sounds can be heard. As the game progresses, the levels will have several boxes to fill. Each box will play a different section of the music. There will be an initial silence in each level but gradually you introduce different instruments and rhythms to the tune before ending with a wondrous symphony accented by a crashing cymbal when the level is complete. The end of level light show takes on a different appreciation with its music in the background. The sound is very cleverly put together. The various musical sections merge seamlessly during the level and there is never a cacophony while you aim to complete the ensemble.

The basic premise is fantastic and the game does offer plenty of variation and challenges in later levels. The difficulty increases at a steady pace, with more deflectors and coloured beams to manipulate. The game comes loaded with 5 different game packs which gives you 20 or so levels. There are also a number of extra packs that can be downloaded as in-app payments. It looks like some of the juicer power-ups and levels have been saved for the extra packs. Even so, the basic levels give enough satisfaction and if you’re not sure you can always check out the Lite version.