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Genre: 3D, Puzzle :: Players: 1 :: Released: 28/1/10

Cogs (iPhone) Review

Developer: Lazy8 Studios


Game Features


Innovative mix for a 3D puzzle
Fair amount of initial content for a small price


The 10 levels are just a taster. Expect to spend a little once inside the game

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Review Details
Handset Apple iPhone 3G
Time Played 2 hours
Game Progress Completed first 11 levels

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 28/1/10

It's like seeing how my mind works

Cogs is the latest much hyped game from Chillingo and this time features Lazy 8 Studios in the developers seat. Cogs is a successful mix of previous casual games but adds a sense of achievement to an otherwise tired genre.

Fans of slider puzzles and Pipe Mania should be able to instantly pick up and play Cogs. Essentially, it's just a rehash of the genre but rather than mindlessly completing a pretty picture, the aim is to link a series of cogs or pipes to complete a gearbox or steam system to drive a set of wheels, pumps or any other mechanical contraption. As the levels get harder, the machines get more complicated and there’s even a 3D twist.

The first few levels guide you through the mechanics and are in simple flat 2D form. The game gradually introduces cubes to you; here you solve each side in turn and eventually all will be linked and fully working. Just when you think you’ve cracked it and you realise why they’re called Lazy8 Studios, they spring a surprise by adding multiple layers. Moving pieces on one side directly affects pieces on the reverse and the game gets a whole lot trickier. Fans of logic games and spatial awareness puzzles should enjoy.

To be fair the game is quite geeky, solving da Vincian puzzles isn’t particularly mainstream but Lazy8 have embraced this. The metronomic effects and gentle melodies coupled with the elegant menu system spell eccentric and we loved it.

There are two main modes, Inventor and Challenge. Inventor sees you solve tricky puzzles with medals up for grabs for fast times and also for completing in small number of moves. Challenge mode has two flavours where you play either against the clock or against a set number of moves. These puzzles are a little easier but you are up against tougher time/move constraints.

The overall package is really good. The music suits the mood perfectly and the graphics have a very industrial feel to them. The touch controls work pretty well and it’s just an easy drag to move pieces around. To rotate the 3D puzzles, simply use two fingers when dragging. We didn’t experience any problems with the controls at all.

The game is only 99c/59p and for all that you get about 10 levels and 20 challenges. The game does come with extra levels that can be unlocked after in-app purchases. There are another 30 or so levels that are available at the moment (which should equal another 60 challenges). Judging by the level titles and the screenshots, there are plenty more contraptions to build with even more difficulty.

Hot on the heels of Guerrilla Bob, Cogs also features Chillingo’s proprietary Crystal social network. Even without the extra level packs, there are still plenty of achievements to win for under a dollar (or 60p).