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3D Brick Breaker Revolution 2 (iPhone) mobile game review by Mobile Game Faqs

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Genre: 3D, Block Breaker :: Players: 1 :: Released: 05/2/10

3D Brick Breaker Revolution 2 (iPhone) Review

Developer: Digital Chocolate


Game Features


Great graphics and longevity


Controls can be unresponsive

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Review Details
Handset Apple iPhone 3G
Time Played 3 hours
Game Progress 500000+ on revolution, level 40 on classic

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 05/2/10

Vive la revolution (again)

If a game is worth making once, you might as well make it twice. Digital Chocolate are back with the next in their brick breaker sequel. We've already reviewed a toned down non-3D java version but this plays rather differently.

Naturally, it is still a Breakout/Arkanoid clone so the basic aim remains the same - bash all the bricks to progress to the next level. As with the previous revolution games, there are two modes to choose from; Classic and Revolution. Classic mode has 100 levels with a boss battle after every 20 levels. The game has infinite continues although you will be forced back to your latest boss victory.
Revolution mode is more hardcore and there are continues and the dreaded boss battles occur every 5 levels. The difficulty settings are also constantly adjusted so there should always be a challenge here. Revolution also has a slightly different mechanism; every level has a green key block to destroy. Hitting this will open the top wall and you can progress to the next level. If you miss the ball, it can sometimes drop down to the previous level and basically acts as an extra life. Although this doesn't always happen.

Along with your basic paddle, there are plenty of power-ups that rain down. In Classic mode, the power ups last only one level and you cannot carry any forward - obviously, if you get it, you might as well use it. Revolution mode is slightly different and you can store up to four power ups until you meet a boss. My tip would be to hang on to the 'super nuke' for the boss battle and then end the level with one touch. It's worth mentioning that if you die, you lose any power-ups.

Unfortunately, it's all too easy to lose a life (at least until the fix it). You move the paddle by either using the arrows buttons on the left & right sides of the screen or you can drag the paddle itself. We didn't find the dragging option particularly useful and it takes a little time to get used to the buttons. The controls were a little unresponsive and often it couldn't cope if we dashed from one side to collect a power-up and then tried to move back to catch the ball. It seemed to have trouble registering a quick change in button presses. We were using are ageing 3G iPhone and the intense graphics may cause the controls to suffer. The 3D graphics are particularly impressive. There are some great levels of detail in every aspect of the game. There is some decent sound to the game and there is also easy to use iPod integration.

Digital Chocolate have included a full achievement set (on device only) that will take some dedicated playing to complete. After some initial misgivings, the game has me hooked. It did require a change in tactics, basically let the occasional power-up fall away and focus on the target ball. It's almost a perfect game that just needs a quick bug fix.