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Genre: Casual, Dance :: Players: 1 :: Released: 22/2/10

B-Boy Beats (iPhone) Review

Developer: TAG Games


Game Features


A whole new rhythm game


Your hands inevitably block half the screen

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Review Details
Handset Apple iPhone 3G
Time Played 2 hours
Game Progress Completed on Easy

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 22/2/10

Tag Team back again

Tag Games clearly found something when they first launched Car Jack Streets. Using unsigned and underground artists has paid dividends in CJS and more recently Hiphop Allstars. What better way to keep the street vibe than by releasing a breakdancing sim... using a touch screen?! B-Boy Beats is a rhythm game but rather than playing a guitar or even spinning a set of decks, your instruments are your feet and hands. Think Twister but on speed.

The game has a simple plot based around various battles and all you really have to do is last until the end of the song. As with other rhythm games, there is a meter than gradually drops as you miss more and more beats. It only takes a few mistakes for game over and restarting the level. On the screen, you will see two foot icons and you have you place the index and middle fingers on the icons and follow them around the screen (mostly from the middle of the screen to the top). Most of the time, this is a series of taps but you do have to match the beats or at least the ever decreasing circles. Later challenges will have you sliding your feet around and even bringing in your hands to the battle.

As the iPhone has arguably the best mobile touch screen, the game is very sensitive and quickly registers any deviation and punishes you for it. Any wrong move will pause the game and you have a few seconds to reposition your fingers before the meter runs down.

The game has two difficulty settings and Hard is only unlocked once you've completed the game on Easy. I found the game particularly challenging but did mange to clock it on Easy. A quick play on Hard has shown how much more practice and dexterity is required.

The graphics are pretty simple and given the fact that your fingers block most of the screen, you can forgive them for not wasting their efforts on detailed graphics. Having said that, some cut scenes of your moves or real breakers would have added to the game. I was looking forward to the soundtrack as Tag Games have a habit of picking some quality tunes for their games. It has been a few years since my days at Funkin Pussy and maybe I'm out of touch with the latest trends but I wasn't a big fan of the tunes on offer.

B-Boy Beats is a tricky game to sum up. Part of me wants to love it but the control system requires you to play at a weird angle to make sure you can see as much of the screen as possible so you can follow the moves. Hopefully, this is just a market tester because the idea has definite merits but just needs a little tweaking. On the plus side there is a full Open Feint achievements section...