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Genre: Turn based strategy :: Players: 1 :: Released: 25/3/10

California Gold Rush 2 (iPhone) Review

Developer: Digital Chocolate


Game Features


Large game with plenty of levels and replay value


Graphics could be better
Lacking mini games or some variety

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Review Details
Handset Apple iPhone 3G
Time Played 3 hours
Game Progress About halfway through

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 29/3/10

Even more solid gold easy action to be had

Continuing Digital Chocolate's assault on the App Store is the sequel to California Gold Rush. In this strange world of multi-format titles, we’ve reviewed the original java version of Gold Rush 1 and it even won our coveted Ice Cold Award. Rather than moving to the Yukon, the action in the sequel is firmly placed in the Wild West filled with old timers and native Americans. All that's missing is a Clint Eastwood lookee-likee.

The Good

DChoc's trademark detail to gameplay and longevity continues with another large title. The basic plot is to mine as much gold as you can. Along the way you will encounter the mystery of the totem and also help other miners that are stuck in cave-ins. Having said that, there isn't too much variety in the levels themselves. You will have a certain amount of stamina before each level; every action uses a little bit of stamina. Digging through hard rock will use more energy than just walking down a ladder. You will also come across a number of pests including bats and ghosts. Try and avoid these or attack them with your axe; get it wrong and a bit more stamina is used.

Every good miner needs a full tool kit to survive and DChoc have given you all manner of dynamite, mine supports and even a lift shaft. The controls are very easy, simply touch your destination and your man will plot the route; although sometimes he will find himself against solid rock and you'll have to find another way round.

Each level has a star rating and maximum points awards you three stars and you need at least one star to unlock further levels. There's usually enough stamina to get the required star. As you progress, big powerups become available and you are free to go back and win those extra stars.

The Bad

As with a number of major developers and their titles, the game has its fair share of achievements to unlock but unfortunately no online community to establish your bragging rights. This is something that we keep banging on about and we'll continue until it's fixed or Apple come up with their own system. (It only took four years of pleading before Bluetooth and network gaming finally took off on mobiles - Ed)

The Ugly

Thankfully there's nothing really here to be deemed 'ugly'. The graphics aren't the best and there could have been more detail in some of the backgrounds but nothing to cry about.

If you liked the original, then you should like this one as well. Little seems to have changed but it's still an addictive little game.