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Genre: 3D :: Players: 1 :: Released: 31/3/10

Resident Evil: Uprising Review

Developer: Gameloft


Game Features


Fun to play
Puzzles to solve


Action is a little easy
Controls (using items / searching) could be improved

Save Option
Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Sony-Ericsson K800i
Time Played 2 hours
Game Progress Just used the molotov cocktail

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 12/4/10

Is it a zombie killing game or puzzle game?

To be honest I still don't know, but it's enjoyable. I was wondering how they would give the game it's terror feel but they seem to have gone for more of a puzzle element.

The familiar feel of resident evil is there, even if this is only a 2D isometric game. Still, it doesn't look bad for 2D (if a little cartoony) and there is plenty of detail on the evironments. Sound isn't bad either with a mood setting tune appropriate to the game, and some reasonable sound effects.

The controls could use a little bit of work. The developers have gone for simplicity and some things are done well. Combat for instance, is pretty decent, you run around and can shoot in the direction you are facing, but if you get closer and shoot at the enemy, a targeting icon appears in slow mo rising over the target. It changes colour depending where the weak spot is and if you hit it when yellow, it does some damage, but you really need to hit it in red to take them out in one shot.

Taking out zombies using this method is rather easy and makes the combat element a little lacking in tension. The boss battles are quite different though, and that's where all the other cool weapons come in handy. After all, what's a resident evil game without a shotgun or knife eh?

What hasn't been dones so well is the search element. It seems straightforward when you pick stuff up or see something to investigate (it sparkles if you are near) but you have to be on the search function to get a description or even use specific doors or walk between floors. This can be annoying and easy to forget if you are walking around with an entry card to use on a door you are trying to find.

In keeping with the Resident Evil gameplay, you pick up numerous notes and journals detailing the devilish plot. It's a staple of RE games which is nice to see here. And you have two main characters which you can switch between. Each can do different things (Leon is good with explosives and fixing things) so you will have to use both at some point.

The puzzle element is ok, but can be a bit tricky sometimes. There's usually only one thing to find in each small room, and a few things to find in a big one. You will quickly notice that the items on your list will not be that relevant immediately so you have to go back and explore areas later on. The characters move fairly slowly so this can be annoying if you are stuck.

The game autosaves at certain points, but it's great you can manual save as well. The puzzles themselves are fun to discover and solve and the plot is reasonably interesting. The action element is cool, if a little easy at times.

Overall the gripes are minor in what is an enjoyable game and well presented for the mobile format. You may not get the manic action of being chased by zombies, but RE fans will recognise enough elements to happily add this to their stable of games in this series.

Definitely worth a look.