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Genre: Sports :: Players: 1 :: Released: 27/4/10

NBA Live 2010 Review

Developer: EA Mobile


Game Features


All 30 teams from the NBA
Some interesting pass and strategy options
Actual voice commentary (sort of).


The game runs a little slow for the action
Easy is far too easy, give it to Kobe and let him rip

Save Option
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Review Details
Handset Sony-Ericsson K800i
Time Played 2.5 hours
Game Progress Well into the season

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 29/4/10

Take it to the hole.

I'm going to keep this review short. As apparently I ramble on a fair bit and some readers think I like the sound of my own voice or words too much. NBA Live is a good game. It's not as frantic to play as other basketball games and the action seems a little slower but there's a bit more depth to it than most.

For those unfamiliar with basketball or the rules, tough, as the game ain't really gonna explain it to ya. Ok, it will explain the modes and how to control your players, but it won't explain the 4 strategies you can select during the game by pressing the LSK (that's left soft key for the unitiated). Some strategies are obvious based on their name, but others you would have to be a b-ball fan to know of.

During the game you can elect to try a strategy or just dribble around yourself. Pressing the pass button gives you 4 options of pass based on direction. The colour of the arrow also tells you about the accuracy of the pass. Sometimes, as you press the pass button, players will make a run and you can score some really good baskets.

Scoring is easy too, as you dribble to the hole (the basket for the English people like myself) the symbol underneath your player will change colour. If it fills in green you can press and hold the button to perform a slam dunk. If it's not filled, pressing and holding will bring up a shooting bar that isn't too hard to master.

Defensively you can't manually switch between players, it seems automatic. But you can press the button many times to try and steal or block their shot. On easy, it's actually really easy to get the ball off them. And a few quick passes later and you should be at the other end hearing the commentator congratulate you. Yep, there's some sample commentary for you which really does improve the atmosphere as I'm not sure about the menu tunes. Whistles are heard too, but not the crowd which is a shame.

You have several modes to choose from, exhibition, season and the playoffs. The loading screen says to unlock a legendary player you have to win the title. I think we can all guess who that might be based on the silhouette loading graphic. Another nice feature is that you can skip the match entirely and simulate it if you want. But don't go expecting to win if you do that, it seems a little random. If you definitely want the win, best to actually play the game.

Graphically the game is nice if nothing special. And features and gameplay wise I would say the same. There's a bit more strategy and options in this than other games, but the gameplay is a little slow because of it. And the other thin is that on easy you can just get the ball to Kobe and he'll get you a score every time. A definite plus point for the game is that you can save mid game to come back to it later and not have to play the 3 minutes per quarter

The game does have all the teams and actual players there from what I can see, so in that respect it's pretty good. But then EA have always been hot on getting real licenses. It's a shame there's no 2 player or bluetooth enabled 2 player mode, that would have elevated this a step above everything else on the market. As it stands, this basketball game is nearer the top than the bottom but still has room for improvement.

See, that wasn't so long was then.