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Genre: 3D, Action, Movie/TV based :: Players: 1 :: Released: 19/5/10

Iron Man 2 (iPhone) Review

Developer: Gameloft


Game Features


Black Sabbath intro music


Random plot
Dodgy rendering
Too easy

Save Option
Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Apple iPhone 3G
Time Played 3 hours
Game Progress Nearly finished the final level

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 20/5/10

Not as punchy as the film

All too often, these movie tie-ins reveal way too much about the film and just like Anannya, I waited to watch the film before playing the game. And just like the java version, this iPhone variant has very little to do with the film (although the film does explain why there is a cheerleader during the loading screen).

Graphically, the iPhone version is far better than the java version but then you would expect that with 300Mb compared to 300kb in game size (or thereabouts). Having said that, the graphics aren't that great compared to other iPhone titles. The cut scenes look good but during some parts of the game, buildings will magically render themselves before your eyes. To be fair, the game levels are pretty large and Gameloft have reduced the loading time to sacrifice some of the quality in graphics. It's a tricky thing to balance and I don't think it's quite perfected yet.

The game will have you do all the things that Iron Man can do in the film; walk, run, fly and shoot things. The controls may sound complicated but it all makes sense. A virtual pad on the left takes care of movement. The right hand side of the screen is filled with buttons. One to punch, one to shoot and one to fly. Occasionally, a central button will appear for special situations. You can also touch the enemies to fire off targeted missiles. In fact, once an enemy is locked on, you can keep shooting your lasers until they blow up. The fights are pretty easy, just lock on to a target and keep moving around in circles while firing and eventually you will win. Your suit auto repairs and in a slow fight of attrition you should always win.

There are quite a few levels and the game will take a while to complete and you can even play some of the levels as War Machine if you want a bit of challenge. The game mostly involves running/flying between checkpoints and blowing up anything in your way. There is a mini game that is played when you need to diffuse a bomb. It's a very simple puzzle that breaks things up a little. There are also a couple of flying missions that have to be endured. These are quite monotonous affairs but if you're quick enough, you can catch missiles and throw them back (or you could just dodge them).

I remember way back in the day when we were shown a demo of a movie based game and the developers were whining how the studios would only give them limited access to the film details. It seems that the same has happened here. The game features accurate representations of the main characters but the voice overs are nothing like the actors and the plot is totally random. I do wonder if the developers were trying to guess what the storyline of the film might be and tried to incorporate bits into the game. Whiplash (Mickey Rourke's character) only appears towards the end of the game and War Machine has a much larger part in the game than in the film. As a standalone game, it's not too bad, but don't be fooled by the movie tie-in.