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Genre: Casual :: Players: 1 :: Released: 17/6/10

Box n' Bug (iPhone) Review


Game Features


Slight tweak on Tower Bloxx


Just one mode

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Review Details
Handset Apple iPhone 3G
Time Played 1 hour

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 21/6/10

A simple one thumb block stacking game

Ok, so there's less than a week until we get the new iPhone and my current 3G has over 100 apps still to review. Hang on tight it's gonna be a fast one...

What is it about?
It's TowerBloxx meets Springwatch. The aim of the game to drop sucessive boxes onto the pad below and build higher and higher stacks. Why? Who really knows but it does have OpenFeint with live scores for all your bragging needs.

Why is it different?

Unlike TowerBloxx, you have a large pad to aim for which gives you a larger base to build open. You are not limited to just a single stack of waving blocks. In theory you could build up some solid constructions (and judging by the online high score table, some people clearly have). In the game you can also fire spider webs onto an existing box. Anything that then touches the box will be permanently stuck to it - even at a dodgy angle. It's a nice little bonus that can save in times of need but it's best not rely too heavily on it. The controls are pretty similar, just wait for the box to swing in the right place and then touch the screen to drop. Apparently you can tilt the device to influence the drop a little although I never saw much difference.

Is it any good?

There's a question that launched a thousand blog sites. Upon first playing the game, it was actually surprisingly good fun. The game loads quickly, maintains your iPod music if it's on and has some decent graphics. With a bit of practice you can soon 'reach the tulips' and start getting some high scores. In order to get the really high scores, careful use of the webs and the large base platform are required so you can maximise the number of boxes in your build. The game is not just about height, your score is greatly influenced by the total number of boxes used. In the end, the tactics have got the better of me and the game has lost some of its charm as I aim for the perfect build.

Great for Tower Bloxx fans looking for something a little different.