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Genre: Block Match :: Players: 1 :: Released: 29/6/10

Bubble Revolution Review

Developer: Digital Chocolate


Game Features


Lots of power ups
Boss battles


Can't save mid level
The game can be tough

Save Option
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Review Details
Handset Sony-Ericsson K800i
Time Played 2.5 hours
Game Progress Level 32

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 29/6/10

It's bubblin bubblin.

There are tons of bubble match and burst games. Digital Chocolate do them well. Lately they seem to be focused on the row of bubbles scrolling around in different shapes hurtling towards a black hole type thing.

In this game, you are allowed 5 bubbles to hit the black hole before you lose, but this ain't much. As the thing is one long row, if one bubble goes in, chances are you will not have long before 5 go in. But fear not, because this game is rife with power ups. There are plenty of special bubbles which allow you to do things like reverse the direction of the bubbles, take them out with a rifle shot, shoot multiple bubbles etc etc.

You also have a choice of 2 bubbles to fire and you can rotate between then with up and down. Pay attention though as sometimes you switch to the next one after a bit, so that match you've set up may not work any more. Still, in addition to the bubble power ups the levels help you out too, with bombs, a fire portal that flames the bubble to take out a section and extra points you can get.

Every 11th level you have a boss battle which is interesting. You have to hit them a number of times without losing too many bubbles to the black hole. The first few involve you just taking an angle where you aren't interfering with the row of bubbles and letting rip. I'm not sure how complicated the later levels get.

Speaking of which, I don't know how many levels there are. It seems there are a fair few. I am on level 32 and there seems to be quite a few more. The levels have definitely got trickier with the speed of the bubbles and the lack of pairs and threes upwards. You will have to start making your own chains and having to work fast.

Like all games now there are achievements to get and also you get a star rating on each level up to 5 stars. You can always go back and play the levels again to try and improve your rating. There are 3 modes, career, endless and time attack so you certainly get a bit of variety if you need it. The game pauses mid level but doesn't save mid level. Still, levels take about 5 minutes to finish though.

The graphics are nice and colourful and the popping looks nice. Soundwise there is a decent tune and effects during the game. Like all bubble popping games, this is fun to play and a little addictive. The power ups give it an added flavour and the fact you really need them to do well is good. It's nothing new, but like all Digital Chocolate games it's very well put together and if you are a sucker for these bubble matching games and need your latest fix you should probably check this out.