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Genre: Action :: Players: 1 :: Released: 01/7/10

Gorilla Rampage Review

Developer: Digital Chocolate


Game Features


Lots of stages
Cool powerups
Fun to play


Hit box needs accuracy
Power ups can't be stored
Boss levels a little too easy

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Review Details
Handset Sony-Ericsson K800i
Time Played 4 hours
Game Progress Finished the career mode

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 06/7/10

Get funky with your monkey

I will dispense with the endless playing with your monkey innuendo and tell you about the game. It's a simple yet quite addictive side scrolling rock dropping action game. I don't think there's a genre we have for this yet, but it reminds me of one of the old games where the action was straightforward but the gameplay was fun.

You take control of King Kong and have to protect the lovely damsel in distress as she walks across the floor of a building. All kinds of people are scaling the wall to protect her and capture you. They can be fended off by you dropping big rocks on their head. This is done by pressing 5 and doing this will also change the direction of the way you run at the top of the screen.

The baddies you face have all different kind of attributes. Some are quick, some will take two shots, some will fire guns at you to confuse you. There are even helicopters and planes. But they can all be taken out by rocks. And thankfully you get some decent power ups too. There's a big scream, the rocks increase in size and even a suit of armour you can wear.

The power ups come when you get combos with your rock throwing. The rocks will bounce off people and seem to home in on people around them. You can get some combos of up to 6 hits but anything over 3 will get you a power up. Unfortunately you have to go and get the power up, which doesn't stay around for too long so you might find yourself missing out as you fend off the advancing hordes. Also, you have to use the power up straight away and can't save it for a time when you really need it, which can be annoying seeing as getting it might involve taking out all the people on the screen, leaving no-one for it to work on.

As the stages progress the number of floors you have to finish increases. There are 6 floors on each level in the last stage. The last level is always a boss battle but compared to he previous levels, these always seemed far too easy to me. Once you've finished the stage you will get a banana rating - gold, silver or bronze, so you can replay the level to try and improve your score. There are a couple of modes to keep you busy like career mode and quick play.

One thing that was quite sensitive was the hit box on the rock you throw. Sometimes when throwing a standard size rock, I thought I had aimed correctly only to have the thing sail past and totally miss. So a quick press of 5 to change direction and I had to rapidly press the button again to throw another rock. Sometimes it was a little frustrating, but you do have 3 lives on each level, so you can afford a mistake or two. Unfortunately when you miss one after focussing your efforts on them, by this time others are near the top so on later stages it's easy to lose all three lives pretty quickly.

Graphically the game looks good and the menu page has a very nice old school 30's element to it with the flickering screen. The intro graphics for each level are nice and large and in game while the enemies are on the smallish side, this is because you're a freaking great gorilla. Soundwise there are some good tunes but unfortunately no effects in game. It would have been cool to hear a giant roar or the sound of planes and enemies dropping out of the sky and off the building. The game autosaves your progress after each stage but doesn't save mid level. The levels don't take that long to do anyway, especially when you're in the zone (Batman Arkham fans who have finished the fight challenges will know what I mean).

Overall a simple concept very well executed. It was fun to play and definitely worth a look. These are the sorts of games Digital Chocolate excel at and this is no exception.