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Genre: Shoot em up :: Players: 1 :: Released: 14/7/10

1916 DogFight Review

Developer: Herocraft


Game Features


2 campaigns to play
Different types of levels
Different planes to use


Planes cannot be controlled on high res
Route levels are very annoying
Planes can be unresponsive and no barrel rolls!!

Save Option
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Review Details
Time Played 5 hours
Game Progress Finished both campaigns

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 29/7/10

Play with your Fokkers

This is a strange review. I was going to call it 1916 Dog Poo but I persevered. You see, I started off with the graphics on high res. I thought what the hey, it can't make that much of a difference right? Wrong, it took me 50 attempts to clear the training level.

Then onto level 1 and it was far too hard. My plane felt like a giant elephant in the sky with the turning circle of a zeppelin (they appear later on btw). So I thought I would give up and spend the review cussing this game. Then I remembered the res was on high, so I tried it on medium. My plane still felt like a bloated hippo in the sky but I managed to finish the first 2 levels.

The levels have different objectives, some you have to gun planes down, some you have to drop bombs and destroy gun turrets and the other type of level, the most annoying type, is the one where you have to fly a course through a series of rings, Red Arrows stylee.

This was the level I was now having trouble on (the training level was also like this). So another brainwave and I switched it to low res. Hallelujah. Flying was passable. Not easy mind you, but passable. And I'm no slouch on flight sims either, I remember clocking the Star Wars arcade game back in the 80s and in the 90s I finished a very cool helicopter sim called Thunderhawk (it should really have been called Airwolf).

Having successfully navigated the flying level, I breezed through a few take em down levels (the enemy AI does weave around a lot, but is a bit predictable) and my teammate (yes, there are sometimes lots of people in the sky), helped me take down a turret. Final fight against the ace pilot and that was campaign one over. Campaign 2 was much of the same except for more annoying course levels, a tricky turret level and a cool flat out dogfight at the end.

The planes were based on real planes so they look ok, I'm not sure how accurate the flying was. On some of the course levels, if I missed a ring I had to double back for ages and get a clean run at it. And the plane moved like a horse on stilts.

The game does have a lot of good elements such as health and ammo restores (you run out pretty quick), radar and target arrows, health bars and a 6 player bluetooth multiplayer mode which we didn't get to try. There are 2 campaigns and the plane feels like a WW1 plane in that you have to do everything a bit quicker than you expect, and start firing early as otherwise your enemy will zip right past you.

However, there are a lot of faults too. The planes handle like an Imperial Star destroyer on high res and are not hugely better on low res. The graphics are pretty blocky. The course levels are only really do-able if you memorise the route as you have to turn so early. You have a limited playing area. Sometimes the planes are quite unresponsive. You can do a loop the loop but no barrel rolls (which would have been very useful when you're getting shot at), and finally once you finish the campaign mode you can't seem to come back and choose any level to improve your score or find the secret bonus item.

Overall I think the negatives just about outweigh the positives. Of course the 6 player bluetooth mode could change all of that, it's a shame we couldn't test it. We applaud the notion though and think all games should go this way. The idea is cool, some elements are definitely cool, but there's a lot that can be improved, especially in the execution. If you really really love WW1 flight sims, check this out, otherwise be prepared for a fair bit of frustration if you play this game.