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Genre: 3D, Action, Arcade :: Players: 1 :: Released: 11/12/09

Low Grav Racer 2 (iPhone) Review

Publisher: Cobra Mobile ::


Game Features


Stunning graphics and speed
Highly addictive gameplay
Things to unlock and customisable music


Controls take a little getting used to
Speed start seems a bit redundant

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Review Details
Handset Apple iPhone 4
Time Played 4 hours
Game Progress Overall gold achievement in alpha and beta class (mainly golds and silvers), just started gamma

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 25/11/10

What a stunning game.

At first I spoke to Costas, our other reviewer. He had done Low Grav Racer 1 and was pretty enamoured with it. You can see his review here. I said that surely he should do part 2 and he was busy on other games so it was decided I would give it a go.

First few attempts and I was almost ready to give up. Then I tweaked my control settings, chose cockpit view (which all good racing pros should always use) and a swtich flipped. I was suddenly Michael Schumacher (back when he was good) in a gravity defying Wipeout type ship and game clone.

First off the graphics seem to have been heavily enhanced. The backgrounds are lush and colourful and always have things going on. In fact on some courses, as the backgrounds can be moving and rotating, I thought I was going to hit them and tried to avoid things. The ships themselves also have more detail and the light effects and engine trails are really cool. Finally, the sense of speed seems to have been enhanced so that's great too.

Controls wise I have no idea how the original handled. I can't use the Tilt and Accelerometer features (I look like a nutter while doing it) so stuck to touchscreen. And with a little tweaking of the responsiveness I was good to go. You still easily bump on walls but it doesn't slow you down enough to be a detriment. Slipstream seems to work and you do catch up to other racers.

Power ups are still there and there are some cool ones like the time warp. You do really have to hit quite a few speed ups to stay in the pack. Also you can tell when people are close behind and firing at you through some funky icons at the bottom of the screen.

Like the first, there are things to unlock, but less modes this time, just normal and time trial. There are three classes in normal, 18 tracks and 6 ships (4 of which you have to unlock). The good thing with the tracks is that you always have 3 unlocked at a go, so if you're stuck on one, you can try another to unlock the next 3. There are 3 grades, gold, silver and bronze and an overall grade for each class once you finish all 18 tracks. The gamma class ships look really cool. You also have plus mode to upload your scores and compare them to your friends.

I can't stop playing this game. Even though I've finished 2 classes and got gold overall I still want to go back and get gold on some of the individual course. The difficulty levels are also well presented with gamma proving a tough challenge on some courses. As you use different ships, so too will the AI which makes it a bit more even. I will say the only pointless thing about the game seems to be the speed start as you can press the button as many times as you like after the counter hits 1, so you should always get a speed start really.

One other thing I really have to mention is the customisable track list. I don't know if a lot of other games are doing this but in addition to the music and SFX (SFX aren't brilliant btw), you can choose tracks from your Ipod playlist to play in the game. This is great and follows the trend of PES on PS3. Now when I play this game I've got some brilliant music that I love to accompany it. Only thing is the volume control for this is on the handset and not in game.

Other than that it's really excellent. Trust me and get it. If you like Wipeout, you will love this. My first iphone review deserving an award!