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Genre: Puzzle :: Players: 1 :: Released: 11/8/09

Geared (iPhone) Review

Publisher: Bryan Mitchell ::


Game Features


Plenty of levels
Quite addictive


Slightly repetitive
Basic graphics and sound

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Review Details
Handset Apple iPhone 4
Time Played 2 hours
Game Progress Level 34/150

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 20/2/11

The cogs keep turning on this one

Geared is a fairly straightforward puzzle game. But it's also complex. If you're wondering about the oxymoronic statement, the premise is simple. By dropping some grey gears (cogs) around the screen, you have to get the blue gears rotating (they are stationary) from the big yellow gear which is rotating. Basically you have to link the yellow gear to the blue ones using the grey ones. There are usually a number of ways to do this. As the gears are dropped on the screen, it's not a simple case of just placing them wherever you want. And there's the complexity.

You also have a set number of gears to use of varying sizes so you have to figure out how they all fit together. And then, you have some levels where you can drop the gear from certain areas or not have the centre of the gear in a particular space. The levels of course get more complicated and you may be scratching your head sometimes about how and where to drop the gears. But you can get hints if you want.

As you might have guessed, the graphics are pretty simple and there's not a huge amount in terms of music and sfx, but it can be quite addictive once you get to the more complex levels. Geared 2 is also out now I still haven't finished 1 as there are a lot of levels.