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Genre: Racing/Driving, Sports :: Players: 1 ::

2 Fast 2 Furious Review

Publisher: Digital Bridges :: Developer: Digital Bridges


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Review Details
Handset Motorola V500

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 11/1/05

An average driving with awkward controls but with many new features compared to the original.

After playing The Fast and The Furious I was eagerly anticipating the sequel. Unfortunately it didn't quite live up to expectations.

As with the films, the main man Vin Diesel has departed and your new mentor for the game is Ludacris.

The cars are nicely drawn, if not a little big. However, the alternating grey-black colour of the road tarmac was annonying. Apart from the road, the game is graphically good. The main difference between the games is the original had the overhead view of half the track, whereas now the camera sits just behind the car and you don't get to see too much of the track ahead. As you approach the bends, there are arrows signalling the direction and curvature.

As is slowly becoming the standard, there is a nice intro tune but the in-game sound consists of only repetative tyre screeches. Some extra sounds when getting hit or using your nitro would have been appreciated.

The controls are slightly different from your average mobile racing game. There is no auto-accelerate as in the original game. You must keep pressing 2 or pushing up on your joypad to accelerate. Alternating between steering and accelerating does take a bit of practice using the numeric keypad. Although one benefit is that you rarely take corners too fast.

Another difference in the sequel is that you now take damage from bumping into the other cars. This is a bit of a problem at the start as you are always behind a slow car so you need some Montoya style mad driving to overtake without suffering too much damage. As your car gets damaged, the performance deteriorates. If you spend the whole race playing your own demolition derby, it won't be long before your car gets 'wiped out'.

Other than the above differences, the game format is pretty similar ot the original. You must win the first race to unlock the next track and so on until you have won all 12 races. You can get prize money which you will need to improve your car and also to pay the entrance fee for the next race. Races only consist of one lap in 2 Fast 2 Furious and last for about a minute or less. This gives a hectic race where the front cars always seem to be very close (not sure if there is an auto-catch up system, but it seems likely).

Every fourth race is a one-on-one duel with one of the characters from the film. There's no money for second place in these races!

I did find the game a bit easy once I had figured out the best way of taking corners. Most of the races could be completed first time round or they would only take 3-4 attempts.

The longevity of the game wouldn't have been great, however with the online high scores and the other WAP features there will always be someone who thinks they are faster than you until they eat your dust. Fools!