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Genre: Fun :: Players: 1 :: Released: 10/1/04

YetiSports 4 Review


Game Features


Simple and addictive gameplay
You can connect to the network

Amusing graphics


Only one mode
No sound

Save Option
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Review Details
Handset Sharp GX20

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 22/2/05

Game number 4 in the Yetisports series. While not quite as addictive and innovative as the original, it??s simple, great fun to play and actually requires a little skill. Cool.

This is game number 4 in the Yetisports series which means the same thing each time. Simple and addictive gameplay, and a distinct lack of work in the office while we all play it. In this one you have to fly an albatross with a penguin attached to his stomach over the farthest distance possible.

The graphics in the Yetisports series have never been of particular note, but in this version they have tried a bit harder. The yeti looks better and there is now a kangaroo who keeps the score and cusses you when you have a bad shot. The intro screen is not bad and the backgrounds are actually more than snow this time. The albatross and penguin animation is pretty good and the game just looks a lot nicer than its predecessors.

There is no sound at all, but then there never has been any sound on a yeti sports game. Some sound would have been nice though, but it??s the gameplay which matters.

The controls are as simple as usual. You can use the D or key pad (main button or 5). One press will launch your penguin who should latch onto an albatross. While the albatross is flying, if you press the button, they will flap their wings and rise, but your power bar will go down.

The playability is a lot of fun. As with the other Yeti sports games, the game is very simple. You have to launch your penguin as far as possible in three attempts. Sort of like the discus but with a penguin as the discus and albatross to carry it. You launch the penguin from a seesaw and it will latch onto an albatross if they are overhead. From here the albatross flies along but will drop towards the ground unless you flap its wings. The more you flap the higher you go, but there is a power bar to give you limited flaps (it recharges briefly when you are not flapping) and the higher up you are, the more powerful the winds will buffet you. The trick is to keep the albatross low to the ground by pressing the flap button lightly every time you are about to hit. See my yetisports hints for more tips on how to play the game. The kangaroo will now also give you a comment on how well you do which is a nice touch.

The lastability is not bad but has never been outstanding on a yeti sports game. The pattern is usually the same, you get the game, play it frantically for several days, maybe even weeks and months, try and beat your friends and then that??s it. The game is very quick and simple so it??s worth a go if you don??t have long to spare or want a quick play on something without getting too involved. You can also connect to the network to view or upload high scores.

Overall good addition to the yetisports series.

Check out my yetisports hints and the other titles in the series.