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Genre: Football, Sports :: Players: 1 :: Released: 28/4/05

adidas All-Star Football Review

Developer: Macrospace


Game Features


Great fun to play
Lots of countries to unlock
Has some of the top players in the world


Penalties are quite tough
Only 3 events

Save Option
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Review Details
Handset Sharp GX20

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 29/4/05

Quality footie game with a difference! Play as some of the worlds top players in different events on a world tour!

This is a different type of football game where you play 3 types of event with some of the best footballers in the world.

The graphics are pretty good. The player likenesses in their pictures are excellent. The menu is ok, and the graphics range from pretty basic on the penalty to actually pretty good for the trick event. The free kick and penalties has an overhead view and so the graphics are reasonable and the backgrounds fairly standard. The trick event is the best and the animation of the footballer, while a little slow, is very well done.

The sound is pretty good too, a decent tune when loading or in game, and for the actual events themselves there are suitable tones when you are juggling the ball and taking and scoring free kicks and penalties. Just enough sound to make you feel like the developers made an effort and not too much so it's overbearing.

The controls vary from event to event and are described pretty well in the game. In each case you can use the D or key pad. For the free kicks, set the direction and height using left, right, up and down. Then set the spin, then set the power. Use the main button or 5 to set each one when you are satisfied. For the penalties, you can't set these things and you have to press the main button while the attributes (direction, spin, power) move left to right (ie you have to time the button press). For the trick you just move your player under the ball and depending where he is he will perform kick ups, knee ups and headers. Use up to turn the player around and down to crouch. When you crouch you have to press up again to go back to a standing position. You do get used to the controls pretty quickly.

The playability is great, this game is a lot of fun. There are only three events which is a shame, but there are two modes, the quick play mode where you can just practice and the world tour where you go through a series of events. You can play as any of the great players listed and can change player at any time by going back to the main menu. I'm not sure if each player has different attributes, I would like to think Beckham's free kicks are better than Trezeguets. Basically it's all of Adidas' players from their ads. On the world tour mode there are a number of countries you can play in (each giving a different background in the trick event) and these are unlocked by completing objectives in each event. When you complete an objective you get a gold medal and it takes a certain number of gold medals to unlock the different countries. Objectives could be things like get a certain points number or score 3 out of the 5 penalties or perform a certain trick. These increase in difficulty as you unlock more countries and play through further. The events themselves are great fun, especially the trick event, this really makes the game quite addictive. Once you get the hang of free kicks, it's quite easy to score them and bend them around the wall at pace and into the top corner. Penalties are another matter and I still haven't figured them out, although I have done a lot of the other events in other countries so have unlocked all the countries. I don't know what happens when you get all golds in all events (it would be very tough to do) but I aim to find out :)

The lastability is also very good. With so many players in there everyone is bound to have a favourite. The events and objectives are a little reminiscent of an athletics game where you have to get medals also by playing events. As they are pretty quick and require some practice the game will have you coming back for more to try and achieve that last trick or score the perfect free kick. The game saves your progress, and can be suspended / resumed. Plus there's the quick mode if you want to practice a certain trick or free kick.

This is the first time I have enjoyed a football game without playing a match!