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Genre: Fun :: Players: 1 :: Released: 04/5/05

Berlin Chaos Review

Developer: FDG


Game Features


Addictive gameplay
Easy controls


Awkward entering the buildings at speed

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Review Details
Handset Nokia 6600

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 16/5/05

A fast paced fun game where anarchy rules OK. Berlin Chaos is a strange but really addictive game. You play an anarchic punk during the annual Berlin May Day riots ?? although its all done with a cutesy twist.

You have to run around Berlin torching anything that burns (apart from policemen and their vehicles) in 3 minutes. You can also pick up stones and break glass windows. There are quite a few policemen dotted around and if you are within their radar they will hunt you down. As soon as they catch up to you it is game over. The only way to escape is to hide inside a building/doorway for a while. Some buildings have a through passage to the other side of town. This can be very handy in tricking the cops. Time bonuses can also be found in some of the buildings.

The graphics are average if not a little basic, however this is offset by the fast gameplay. As we keep saying here at Mobile Game Faqs, it doesn??t have to look overly nice as long as the gameplay is spot on. Berlin Chaos epitomises this beautifully. The sound is not disappointing either. There are nice sound effects when you blow things up and a good glass smashing effect for the breaking windows. To control the character just use the D-pad or the usual buttons for movement. 5 picks up and throws the stones. If you are near a car, lamppost, dustbin, etc then 5 will start the demolition process. A bar will come up that will get filled the longer you keep the button pressed. Once full, the unit will turn to flames. Small units don??t take long to ignite while some cars do take an agonisingly long time. Points are awarded based on the size of the destruction and the time required to fill the bar.

That??s all there is to it but it is frustratingly addictive. The layout of the buildings and the location of the policemen is constant for each new game. So it??s not long before you figure out where the biggest prizes are kept and which areas are heavily patrolled. Although to keep it going for three minutes is a challenge. I have no idea what the perfect score is but even though I top the local high score board I know that a huge score is still waiting to be grabbed.

It is a surprisingly great game that definitely has that ??just one more go?? factor.