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Genre: Football, Sports :: Players: 1 :: Released: 28/5/05

2005 Real Football Review

Developer: Gameloft


Game Features


Nice looking graphics
16 world teams to shoot from
Replays of your goals


Slightly tricky controls due to pitch viewpoint
No management functionality
Average sound

Save Option
Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Sharp GX20

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 06/6/05

A nice looking football game for your phones. With the premiership season ended and the world cup next year, this should hopefully fill the void!

There are a lot of football games out there, and with the lack of actual tournaments or leagues at the moment, it's a good time to release a game like this.

Graphically the game looks very nice. The views are a diagonal camera angle approach as you can see from the screenshot and the sprites are a decent size. They're not large enough for any detail or difference in colour and so racial equality in the teams becomes a moot point. Still, they look, pass and run as well as you can expect from a mobile game. The pitch is nice as well and there are even some nice touches like a little dirt near the box. Graphics are the strongest feature of the game.

The sound is reasonable, at least there is a decent tune on loading but sadly nothing in the game apart from the odd whistle and a few rather loud tones when you score. At least one chant would have been nice.

The controls are where the game falls down a bit as they are a little confusing. With the angled viewpoint you have to run diagonally in order to run straight if you get what I mean. You can use the D or Key pad although I wouldn't recommend using the D pad unless you actually have a joystick. The 8 numbers (apart from 5) are the direction you run in. But, as I said, you have to run diagonally to get up the pitch so if you were attacking from left to right, instead of pressing 2 to get up the pitch, you have to press 3 (ie up right) in order to run in a straight line towards goal. Apart from these buttons the 5 button will pass and tackle, the # button will long pass and tackle and the 0 button will shoot and tackle. These are not really near each other and so do take a bit of getting used to. Once you do, you should find yourself stringing together some great passing moves. Also the AI isn't too bright so you can also dribble from one end of the pitch to the other it you're good enough. Overall, the controls are a little tricky, mainly due to the viewpoint.

The gameplay starts out as being pretty hard. There are several modes, a quick play where you get two random teams, exhibition where you can play as one of 16 major countries and cup mode where you play in, surprisingly, a cup. Once you get used to the controls you should be able to score at will and while I haven't tried the game on the harder levels, you can rack up some scores reminiscent of the classic England Germany world cup qualifier. Even the keeper AI is a bit silly and you can dribble around him ok. The crosses and headers work but they're not that easy to direct and a straight passing game is more suited for large scores. The game is fun to play once you get used to it and there is a really cool feature of a replay of your goals when you score. It's a real shame you can't save these, but maybe that's a good thing as someone like me may go a bit overboard (at one point on Pro Evo I had 9 memory cards worth of saved goals). Each player has a little bar over their name which I assume indicates their speed and another one on the lower right hand side which shows the direction of your pass / shot / long ball although I never quite worked this out. It wasn't in the instructions and if anyone wishes to enlighten me, please do. Overall it was fun to play though and if the described additions like management and interaction with the media are on more powerful phones then it would be a great game!

The lastability is ok, although not stunning. The problem is, while the teams are there and up to date, there is no management option which has become so common in football games. You can't rotate your squad, or formation or tactics. This is the one thing that's lacking and would have made this a quite good game. The game saves your progress in the cup and has the standard options in terms of modes, but other than the nice graphics, doesn't look to be a keeper. If your phone does support the other features described (probably the Nokia 6600 series and above) then I would change my opinion and suggest you check this out. On my Sharp however, it was ok.