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Genre: Action :: Players: 1 :: Released: 17/6/05

3D Dungeon Warrior Review

Developer: Living Mobile


Game Features


Atmospheric graphics and gameplay


Sound could have been improved

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Review Details
Handset Nokia 6600

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 26/6/05

Another 3D first person shooter from Living Mobile.

If you didn't like the sound of 3D Adventure 2 then check out 3D Dungeon Warrior. They clearly use the same games engine and the gameplay is very similar.

The main difference is the overall background and theme to the game. While 3D Adventure 2 is a sci-fi Doom style game, in 3D Dungeon Warrior we can indulge in a medieval Quake style game. There is a slight amount of tension in the game, staying faithful to the genre.

The controls are identical as are all the options and the sound. Dungeon Warrior seems to play slightly better and just about takes the lead out of the two games.

There appears to be a few enemies in this version and they are a little trickier to hit and you may find yourself having to replay a lot of the missions. You can restart after any completed level so you soon learn the tricks for the harder levels.

As with 3D Adventure 2, if you are being attacked, a red arrow will appear to show you where the enemy is. Very useful when you can see the sneaky little gits.

The sound is still an issue. There is a good creepy tune in the menus but nothing much in-game. Only your shots are sounded but unfortunately not those of the enemy.

3D Dungeon Warrior was released after 3D Adventure 2, and it seems that they have tweaked the game speed a little but that might just be my perception. Once again you have the option of playing in smaller letterbox screen size to improve the speed. This is great as the game does play faster, the graphics look sharper and the smaller size does not take much away from the game.

I have never been a huge fan of Quake and have always preferred Duke Nukem but in this case, 3D Dungeon Warrior is a pleasant surprise.