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Genre: Shoot em up :: Players: 1 :: Released: 27/6/05

360 Fighting Falcon Review

Developer: Lunagames


Game Features


Engaging gameplay


Poor sound

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Review Details
Handset Nokia 6600

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 13/7/05

One for the Afterburner fans

It's time to show my age, there was an awesome game on the ZX Spectrum; Advanced Tactical Fighter (someone port this into a 3 Mb game, please). Fighting Falcon brings back a lot of memories of this classic.

As a fighter pilot, you have to take out various ground and air targets to complete your missions. Before you set off, you can choose your weaponary and fuel loads. All in all it's fairly similar to ATF, without the global domination campaign.

The graphics are a little below average but the game speed is fast and flows very well. Unfortunately, the sound kinda sucks as well. An old 80s synthesiser plays during the menu but there's not much going on during the game.

Other than that its actually not too bad a game. There's a campaign mode and an arcade mode. Its best to start with the campaign as it does include a quick training mode.

As you can see from the screenshot, the game is played from the clouds in overhead view. While the game does boast a large playable terrain, the detail on the ground is very limited. There is a radar in the bottom corner and there is also a compass along the top. Targets are shown in red on the radar and your bases's runway is shown as blue on the comapss. There is also an armour gauge and a fuel gauge. If you take too many enemy hits you can fly back to base to repair the plane and also reload with new weapons. You have a limited number of returns so you need to be as efficient as posible with the fuel and weapons.

Air to air missles and air to ground missles are the most effective weapons. With these you can lock on to the targets early, shoot and then get out of the way of enemy missiles.

Overall, its not a bad game but probably one for the hardcore fans of the genre.